Best Places to Write a Blog Post #BloggingGals #writing #writers

Blog posts can be quick and easy to write. Due to technology you can whip up a post almost anywhere. Here are some of my best places to write a blog post: For the killer / viral potential blog post: In the bath. I have some written some real gems whilst having a soak. All […]

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When Should You Disturb a Blogger? #BloggingGals #writer #Bloggers


If loved ones choose the wrong time to disturb their blogger they could face a… Growl Snap Sarcastic comment Huge huffing and puffing fit Blog post written about them.  For noting the loved ones of writers also run the risk of being baked into the writer’s novel, if they disturb and annoy them at a […]

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15 Things I Wish I Had Known Before Starting a Blog #Blogger #Blogging


I have been blogging for a number of years now. In that time I have won two blogging awards, built up a following on social media, watched my blog stats spike and dip, written over five hundred blog posts and made a lot of wonderful blogging friends. Here’s a list of things I wish I […]

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