50 Things A Writer Notices Whilst Procrastinating #SundayBlogShare #AmWriting


The writer state of procrastinating is an interesting one and worthy of a blog post.

When a writer wants to write they crawl away into their cave and are not seen for hours, days and sometimes even months. The only things they notice are typos, adverbs and their word count.

When a writer is procrastinating they wander out of their cave and almost immediately become very productive. There are so many things a writer will notice when they are doing their best to avoid writing.

Here is a list of 50 things a writer notices whilst procrastinating:

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15 Things You Stop Noticing When You Are Trying to Finish Your Book #MondayBlogs #AmWriting


Trying to finish your book is a weird stage of the literary process. Your book starts to consume you and eventually it blocks out normal life.

Here are some things you stop noticing during this strange time:

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