Heaven Calling Blog Series – Part 3 #Comedy #Heaven #ComedyWriter 


Welcome to my comedy blog series – Heaven Calling.

This series is out every Thursday on BlondeWriteMore. 

For Part 1 – please click here.

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Quick recap: Camilla’s enjoyment of heaven life came to an abrupt end after she discovered her husband Gerry had started dating. He’d spent two years grieving her.

Two years felt a little short to Camilla. In view of her amazing wife skills she was expecting Gerry to grieve for at least twenty years.

With her own team of angel assistants; Anna and Gabriel plus God’s help, Camilla is certain she can influence the outcome of Gerry’s dates from heaven.

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How To Dance Like A Writer #Writers #WritersLife #AmWriting



Writers mainly dance in private. They normally start to bust some moves after a special writing moment. These can range from simply penning a decent paragraph without any typos to thinking up an idea for a future bestseller.

You don’t have to be a writer to adopt the writer dance moves below.

Writers normally get their groove on by their writing desk or in the kitchen, after a strong coffee. They will switch on some music and let themselves go.

Please note that true writers dance in their pyjamas and fluffy slippers whilst some crazy, thrill seeking writers dance in just their underwear.

Here are some instructions on how to dance like a writer:

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