How To Spot The Holiday Bookworm #MondayBlogs #HolidayReads #Bookworm

holiday reads, reading, holiday books

If you are going on holiday this post will come in useful, as it will help you to spot the holiday bookworm in your party. Ideally you want to be identifying holiday bookworms before you travel so that you can plan ahead for the quiet spells…whilst they are busy being a holiday bookworm and you are […]

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Holiday Romances – The 5 Stages! #HolidayLove #romance

I am a BIG fan of holiday romances in films, fiction and in real life too (pre wedlock days obviously). Holiday romances can be both life changing and memorable. After some extensive research for this blog post (which involved quizzing friends about their holiday romances – very tough!) I have drawn up the five stages […]

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The Diary of Roxy Collins – Part 10 -Sea Rescue #Chicklit #Comedy

  Saturday 5.02 a.m. I am going on holiday! I am going on holiday without my kids! I am going on holiday with hardly any money, a string bikini and an expensive golden fake tan. Hurrah! Maggie, my wayward cousin knows that I am coming. We had a heated WhatsApp conversation earlier in the week […]

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The Diary of Roxy Collins – Part 9 -String Bikini #chicklit #Comedy


Tuesday 12.08 P.M. I am stood in the ‘Hair and Beauty’ aisle of the supermarket, happily filling up my basket with various products for my unexpected trip to Greece, to rescue Maggie, my wild cousin. Uncle Bob has already transferred my travel expenses to my bank account. I have many weaknesses in life and my […]

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