The 5 Stages of ‘I Have Got To Keep Going!’ #SocialSaturday #AmWriting 

  There are some creative projects which bring you to your knees, force you to question your motives, present you with obstacles and make you want to run away. I am trying to tell myself that these are special projects and perhaps I should view them as gifts….that keep on giving! Sigh! There are 5 […]

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Author Interviews Stevyn Colgan @StevynColgan #Author #Writer

  Welcome to my weekly blog series – Author Interviews.  I love Saturdays because I get to hang out with some inspirational authors on my blog. Over a virtual cuppa and a biscuit they tell me all about their writing life, the obstacles they have faced whilst writing and their motivations for doing something amazing […]

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The Writer’s Prayer #MondayBlogs #Writers #AmWriting


  Every writer will, at some point in their literary journey, experience one of those dark days where their head is overcrowded with demons, their draft novel sucks and everyone on Twitter is tweeting about their amazing literary successes. When this happens the true writer knows that quitting is not an option. Being creative is […]

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A Few Things Writers Can Learn From Olympic Athletes #writerslife #writers

I am really enjoying watching the Rio Olympics. It has been a really inspirational sporting event and…one which one makes me feel guilty for sitting on my sofa, wedging another slice of pizza into my mouth, as some poor athlete belts around the track. The Olympics has also provided me with a creative boost which I […]

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The Magical Experience of Reading a Self Help Book #SelfHelpBook #books

self help books

I have recently discovered self-help books. For years I have avoided them like the plague however a couple have recently changed my life.  I thought capturing this magical reading experience would make a good blog post. For noting: self-help books can cover a range of topics, issues and ailments. For this post I am using […]

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Writer Metamorphosis #SundayBlogShare #writers #amwriting

  Becoming a writer is a wonderful experience. I believe the transition from non-writer to writer can be likened to the metamorphosis of a butterfly. Caterpillar Stage: The caterpillar performs the same daily tasks; eating, sleeping and shuffling up and down a leaf. It has no idea that it has the potential to change into […]

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Author Interviews @ShelleyWilson72 #writers #authors

  Welcome to my weekly series – Author Interviews.  In these posts I delve a bit deeper into the person behind the book and at the same time get some useful tips on writing. This week I am super excited and struggling to get a grip of myself. The author of one of my favourite […]

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How to Stop Being a Lazy Writer #writers #AmWriting

writer, lazy writer, procrastination

  Ever had one of those mornings where you struggle to get out of bed and all your plans of having a ‘writing day’ go out of the window? So when you find yourself enjoying the delights of a warm bed, moaning about how tired you feel and coming up with 100 excuses for not […]

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