10 Similarities Between Searching For A New Story & Dating #SundayBlogShare #AmWriting


I am currently searching for a new story to work on. Story hunting is not easy. Just because you are a writer doesn’t mean you have a queue of ideas, all waiting patiently for you to do something with them. No, you have to spend ages feeling glum about not having anything to write about and then force yourself to go out and find new story ideas.

Things don’t run smoothly either when you do stumble upon a new story and get excited about it. You can quickly lose that ‘loving feeling’ for a story and it doesn’t take much for this to happen. 

After a few creative dalliances with a couple of new story ideas,  I can see some interesting similarities with dating.

Let me explain:

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Similarities Between Writers & Explorers #SundayBlogShare #writers

Similarities Between Writers & Explorers

  1. Both writers and explorers discover new worlds.
  2. A new story idea for a writer is like the strange new land that an explorer sets out to discover.
  3. An explorer uses a compass and map to navigate through an undiscovered new land. Some writers have a detailed plan of their story idea and plot to help guide them through their new story idea. Other writers just use instinct, or cling on to the hope that it will turn out alright if they just keep writing, to help them navigate.
  4. An explorer may encounter dangerous situations during their journey; crossing treacherous rope bridges, battling against monsters and  magical beasts and surviving extreme weather conditions. A writer will also encounter dangerous situations during their literary journey; crossing crater sized plot holes, battling against self doubt demons and surviving hours of extreme editing.
  5. An explorer might uncover hidden treasure during their journey across a strange new land; treasure chests and sacks of gold coins. A writer might also uncover hidden literary treasure whilst exploring their new story idea: new characters, unearthing hidden desires, conflicts and stumbling upon some unexpected character romance.
  6. An explorer might make some friends along the way and they might even form a party of brave and intrepid adventurers. A writer will also make some fictional character friends and form a little party as they move through the story.
  7. Numbers might vary in the explorer’s party of brave souls. Some of the party might get eaten by wild beasts or fall down bottomless pits. Numbers will also vary in the writer’s party; some characters might get killed off, deleted or even demoted to minor characters (cruel!)
  8. An explorer might get lost whilst travelling across a strange new land. Things might take a turn for the worse and it might be months or even years until loved ones see them again. A writer might also get lost whilst writing a new story. Things could go pear shaped mid book and it might be hours, days or even weeks until loved ones see them again.
  9. An explorer might return from their journey to the strange land with tales of adventure and possibly a haunted look when talking about some of the weird things they have seen and encountered. A writer will also talk of literary adventure after staggering out of Writing Corner. They too will also possess a haunted look when telling loved ones about some of the weird things they have encountered whilst writing their new story; a frightening new grammar issue, a plot caving in on them and the arrival of a new minor character who has a mysterious look about them.

Go discover new lands today brave writers!

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Similarities Between Easter Eggs & New Story Ideas #SundayBlogShare #writers #Easter


  1. Easter eggs are brightly coloured, pretty and sparkly. So too are new story ideas. 
  2. Eating too many Easter eggs can make you want to go lie down. Coming up with too many new story ideas can also make you want to lie down.
  3. Easter eggs can be gifts from loved ones, friends or the Easter Bunny. New story ideas  can be gifts from your mind, the slab of cheese you just ate or the two cups of strong coffee you just drank. Sigh!
  4. You may find yourself boasting about the size and number of your Easter eggs. You may also find yourself boasting about the quality and number of your new story ideas.
  5. Easter eggs are not for sharing. New story ideas are not for sharing as some people pick holes in them or roll their eyes at you.
  6. Easter eggs can make you smile, so too can new story ideas.
  7. Some Easter Eggs can be naughty but nice. Some new story ideas can also be naughty but nice. Sigh!
  8. Easter eggs can make you a bit excitable and squeaky. New story ideas can make you talk very fast and  look wired.
  9. Brightly coloured and sparkly Easter eggs can distract you from doing other things, especially if you are low on sugar, suffering from an hormonal fluctuation or in a mood with loved ones. The same applies to brightly coloured and sparkly new story ideas; they can distract you away from a 47k word draft that has not moved forward in three weeks, getting out of a huge plot hole or having to spend hours doing a painful edit.
  10. Sometimes you unwrap an Easter egg and discover there is something not right with it; wrong chocolate, wrong brand of chocolate or just too darn small. Sometimes you unwrap a new story idea in your mind and discover there is something not right about it; not realistic, has the potential to be a bit dull or it won’t get you past 10k words on a good day with a strong caffeine tailwind.


Happy Easter to all the readers of BlondeWriteMore!


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