Newbie Writers & Star Wars Similarities #writers #SundayBlogShare #StarWars

  Here are some similarities between newbie writers and Star Wars. To the newbie writer a successful author / writer can seem like a Jedi with their jaw dropping literary powers, mysterious ways and occasional muttering under their breath. To the newbie writer the literary world can feel like the Empire in Star Wars; frightening, […]

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How To Survive Accepting You’re Not a Literary Genius #Writer #AmWriting

#writers #amwriting

When we decide to become a writer we secretly believe it is a matter of time before we are regarded as a literary genius. It is such an awkward moment for a writer when they finally accept they are NOT a literary genius and are just an average writer. You enter the writing world secretly […]

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Emotional Hurdles For New Writers #writers #amwriting

As a newbie writer I am constantly trying to jump over emotional hurdles in order to progress. I am calling them hurdles  because if you don’t jump them you will end up falling down and hurting your writer self. They are emotional  because each one has the potential to bring on tears / sobbing / a […]

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