50 Things A Writer Notices Whilst Procrastinating #SundayBlogShare #AmWriting


The writer state of procrastinating is an interesting one and worthy of a blog post.

When a writer wants to write they crawl away into their cave and are not seen for hours, days and sometimes even months. The only things they notice are typos, adverbs and their word count.

When a writer is procrastinating they wander out of their cave and almost immediately become very productive. There are so many things a writer will notice when they are doing their best to avoid writing.

Here is a list of 50 things a writer notices whilst procrastinating:

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28 Reasons Why A Writer Might Be Having A Sleepless Night #Writer #AmWriting


There are so many reasons why a writer might be having a sleepless night:

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Changing Blog Theme & New Hairstyles – 10 Similarities #SundayBlogShare

  1. Build Up. There can be a nervous build up to getting a new hairstyle. When I say a new hairstyle , I am not referring to those hair salon visits where you let out the standard female whimper can you just trim my ends?”  I am talking hair redesign. Your mind will be full of questions  like “am I doing the right thing with my hair?” and “will other people like my new hairstyle?”  The same applies to the redesign of a blog. You will wonder whether you are doing the right thing and you will find yourself sweating over whether your followers will notice your blog’s new look or even care.
  2. Research. In the lead up to a new hairstyle you might feel the need to do some research; read lots of hair magazines and pin images of hair cuts on Pinterest to get some ideas on your brave new cut. You want your new haircut to show the world that you are hip and trendy. The same applies to when you are thinking about changing the look and feel of your blog. You will start anxiously pinning articles on Pinterest about which blog design is used by all the successful bloggers. You want your new design to show the world that you have nailed the art of blogging.
  3. Social Media. In the run up to a new hairstyle you might feel the need to go on Facebook or Twitter and alert close friends and family members to your forthcoming salon visit. Maybe using hashtags like #choppingoffmylocks and #Ihatelonghair. The same happens when you are in blog re-design mode. You might feel the urge to tell your followers on Facebook or Twitter that you are thinking about overhauling your blog design. You might find yourself using hashtags like #GoodriddancePenscratch and #gatewaythemedoesthingsforme.
  4. Stress. The actual haircut will be stressful. Going for a radical haircut is a stressful life moment and going from long hair to a pixie cut  is probably up there with grief, moving house and starting a new job. The blog redesign session will also be stressful. All your blogging hopes and dreams could be wiped out with one simple theme change. Harsh!
  5. Nerves. You may decide to chicken out of the new radical haircut at the last minute and go for something safer – a  tiny trim of ends.  You might also decide not to go through with your blog theme change at the last minute and instead tweet about how the Penscratch theme rocks your blog.
  6. Avoidance. After the haircut has been done you may find yourself sneaking out of the hair salon in the hope that no one notices the new you. The same can happen with a blog redesign, you find yourself sneaking out a couple of posts out in the hope no one notices the new refreshed blog.
  7. Reaction. With a new haircut you will be hoping someone acknowledges it and you hope (pray to God) the reaction will be positive and not something like “OMG what have you done?” and “You look a bit odd “  The applies to getting reaction to your new theme. You hope (pray to God) that the reaction will be positive and not something like “OMG what have you done to your blog?”  and “I can’t read your text properly!”
  8. New Identity. A new haircut takes a bit of getting used too. You might struggle to recognise yourself in shop windows, car mirrors and puddle reflections. The same happens with a blog, you struggle to recognise it when you hit the ‘preview’ button or when you click on someone’s Twitter link and think to yourself “OMG what a peculiar looking blog……Oh its mine…LOL!”
  9. Change. You will never be the same again after a drastic new hairstyle and you will never be the same again after a blog re design.
  10. Reflection. After you get a fab new hairstyle you may find yourself wondering what life would have been like if you still had your long hair. You may start to miss your long hair and start to use hashtags like #shouldneverhavecutmyhair and #hairdepression.  The same can happen with your blog and its new theme. Would blogging life have been different if you had stayed with Penscratch? This normally happens when you are staring miserably at your stats tool and your ‘flat lining’ blog stats. You will find yourself using hashtags like #ComebackPenscratch and #IlovedPenscratch.

Happy Blogging Bloggers!

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The Writer’s Job Description #Writing #AmWriting




Job Advertisement: Writer

Writer needed to join the millions of other writers around the world.

About The Role

Hours: Can vary each week and are dependent upon number of new ideas for stories, writing confidence levels, social media activity, reading binges and coffee consumption.

Location: Home based, although access to a coffee shop and a book shop will be required.

Key Duties / Responsibilities:

  • Will need to be able to talk to characters in their head a lot.
  • Will need to get carried away with their plot or characters.
  • Will need to be able to write stuff that doesn’t make sense on paper but does in their head.
  • Will need the capacity to stare into space a lot.
  • Will need to be able to give their own work savage criticism and to accept savage criticism from others.
  • Will need to be able to daydream a lot about writing a best seller.
  • Will need to be able to operate across all forms of social media.
  • Will be able to take regular naps. Sleeping on the job is vital.
  • Will need to read a lot.
  • Imaginative use of reasons for not doing any writing is vital.
  • Imaginative use of plots, characters and long words will be needed.
  • Will need to possess a good working understanding of Amazon Book Chart, Reviews and Rankings.
About You
  • You will have known that you are different  to others for many years.
  • You will have a degree in Creative Thoughts and be regarded as a very creative person by family and close friends.
  • You will get strong urges to write every now and then. You will also get strong urges not to write.
  • You will be able to cry over the quality of your writing at a moment’s notice.
  • You will possess a strong desire to reach out to other creative souls on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.
  • You will enjoy working on your own.
  • You will be able to accept brutal feedback on your work from others with a gracious smile.
  • You will be highly experienced in listening in to others conversations in public places and people watching.
  • You will love a bit of drama.
  • Non-writers will perceive you as ‘weird’ and ‘a bit odd’ but you won’t care.
  • You will have an addiction to purchasing notebooks.
  • You will love all forms of literary pain – editing, rewriting and grammar rules.

Salary: It can vary. Most of us do it for free – sigh!


  • People will refer to you as the ‘next J.K.Rowling’ a lot.
  • You can hang around in coffee shops for hours under the pretence of being a ‘writer’.
  • You can loiter around book shops sniffing paper backs and pointing out to strangers where your future book will go on the shelf.
  • You can start a writing blog and make out you are a fancy writer.
  • You can use the following hashtags in your tweets #amwriting #writers and #bestsellingauthor.
  • You can spend all day on social media and not feel guilty as you are a writer.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Thanks to UnMumsy Mum’s Blogging site for the idea for this post.

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10 Real Life Writer Pinning Situations #writer #Pinterest #amwriting


Real Life Pinning Situations


Here are some real life situations involving pinning on Pinterest

  1. Making Dinner

Loved One – “Where’s my tea?”

Me – “On a pin board. I pinned some images earlier. Do you want me to cook it as well?”

  2. House work

Loved One – “Can you finish the ironing?”

Mego upstairs, start ironing, have a break after five minutes and start to pin images about disliking housework.

 3. Time Management

Me – “I need to be more organised and stop wasting time on silly things”.

Go upstairs, lie on bed and spend hours pinning stuff about time-wasting and time management. Don’t get a chance to read them because I am too busy doing all the stuff I should have been doing whilst I was pinning. Sigh!

 4. Pets

Me“I think my beloved black male cat is deaf and blind as he acts like I don’t exist when he walks into a room”.

Sit on chair and tearfully pin images of healthy black cats.

 5. Bad Day

Me – “I have had a bad day!”

Nip upstairs to pin pretty and expensive sparkly stuff until mood improves.

 6. Writer

Me“I think I want to kill off my dull character but I don’t know how to do it?”

Reach for Pinterest and spend hours pinning stuff about different ways a writer can kill one of their characters.

Once finished pinning decide that the character can live another day.

 7. Fictional Crushes

Me – “I am going through a phase in my life where I find Elvish men attractive”

Stop washing up. Go lie on sofa and pin random pics of hot Elvish men.

 8. Marriage

Loved One“What are you doing?”

Me – “Pinning”

 9. Writer

Me “I think I am going to quit writing”

Reach for Pinterest app and start to pin images about not quitting and how quitting is for losers.

 10. Random

Me “OMG someone has turned all my favourite one liners into pop art”

Start filling up board with random pop art images of faces saying “OMG” and “I just want to be a mermaid”

Happy Pinning!
For noting – if anyone fancies following me on Pinterest I am on as Blondewritemore 🙂

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The Writer’s Pinterest Break #writers #Writerslife #Pinterest

The Writer's Pinterest Break

The Writer’s Pinterest Break is an enjoyable one. It can also be one which helps alleviate writing stress. Fast one-finger pinning action can make a writer feel better after some negative feedback, a painful editing session or even when they are struggling to kill off a much loved character.

There are several stages to this:

  1. Pin Urge. You will become aware of a little voice inside your head, on repeat, saying “I want to pin something, I want to pin something, I want to pin something”.  The urge to pin  may arise from one of the following situations:
    1. You will be suffering from Writer Tweet exhaustion. After a long Writer’s Twitter break you still won’t be in the mood for writing. It’s so frustrating when this happens. So you jump onto Pinterest and swap tweeting for pinning.
    2. You will be suffering from a low mood. It’s during these unhappy moments in our life that we turn to staring at pretty sparkly things to cheer ourselves up. The beauty of Pinterest is that you can sit and stare at pretty sparkly things but not mess up your living room carpet. You jump onto Pinterest and start pinning pretty stuff / staring at pretty sparkly stuff until your mood lifts.
    3. You will be in the middle of a creative breakdown and close to screaming “I want to quit writing!”.  You will get the urge to nip onto Pinterest and start furiously pinning motivational quotes about not quitting stuff.
    4. You will decide to do a creative warm up before you start writing. You will say to yourself “I am just going to pin some stuff before I start writing”.  Three hours later you resurface after some heavy pinning action.
  2. Justification. You will need to justify the time spent pinning random images and articles. You may find yourself using the following justifications:
    1. “Publishers and agents want me to have a Pinterest following”
    2. “A literary agent could ‘pin’ one of my images and that could be the start of a beautiful working relationship
    3. “I am a writer so I need to be on top of articles and images about writing”
    4. “I have been longing for a new form of writing distraction and God has given me Pinterest!”
  3. The Pinterest Break. You dive onto Pinterest. Your pinning action will start off as search, sigh, pin. As your Writer’s Pinterest break develops your one-finger pinning will increase in speed…until you have noticed the sky outside has changed from day to night.
  4. Guilt. It’s not easy reviewing what you have achieved in a day when all you have to show for yourself is 100 pinned images, 24 tweets and 0 words on paper. Just go back to the justification reasons.
  5. Hope. You will get a couple of new Pinterest followers and several likes on one of your boards. This will give you a warm glow and make you forget about your productivity concerns. You will tell yourself that you are a writer and pinning stuff is one way of growing your social media following! Sigh!

Happy Pinning writers!






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