7 Reasons Why I Created the Character of Roxy Collins #chicklit #romcom #writer

Roxy Collins is the main character of my Wattpad novel and fictional podcast – The Diary of Roxy Collins.  She’s a thirty something, single mother of three unruly children, who is in a dead-end job, gets no help from her ex-partners and is living in a run down rented house. Here are the reasons why […]

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The Diary of Roxy Collins – Part 12 Big Fat Lies #chicklit #romance

Friday 9.34 a.m. Dan and I are having our last romantic stroll along the beach before he has to go to the airport to fly home. I am trying to not get emotional. The last few days have been heavenly…well almost. I have tried my best to forget about our relationship’s long term future and […]

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The Diary of Roxy Collins – Part 9 -String Bikini #chicklit #Comedy


Tuesday 12.08 P.M. I am stood in the ‘Hair and Beauty’ aisle of the supermarket, happily filling up my basket with various products for my unexpected trip to Greece, to rescue Maggie, my wild cousin. Uncle Bob has already transferred my travel expenses to my bank account. I have many weaknesses in life and my […]

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