How To Survive Your Writing Friend Quitting Writing #SundayBlogShare #Writers


Writer friends are special human beings. Let’s all take a moment to think about writer friends. Writer friends understand your creative side, share your writing passion and know all about the emotional turmoil that goes hand in hand with writing a book. You share work regardless of quality / state, give each other feedback and […]

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Do I Need a Writing Buddy? @robandtina1 #MondayBlogs #AmWriting #Writer

Today, one of my favourite Twitter writing friends, Rob Matthews, has taken over my blog. I hope you enjoy his guest post.Β  In her book, Better Than Before – Mastering The Habits Of Our Everyday Lives, Gretchen Rubin divides people into three groups based on how we respond to outer and inner expectations. Outer expectations […]

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How To Not Feel Embarrassed About Being a Writer #writers #amwriting

Why do some of us harbour so much shame about being a writer? Why is it so hard to admit sometimes that in your spare time you sit alone and make up stories? Why are we sometimes ashamed or reluctant to own the phrase, ‘I am a writer.’Β  I have spent YEARS hiding, disguising and […]

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