How To Handle Writing the Dull Character With No Vices #Characters #Writers


This can be a troubling situation for a writer and worthy of a blog post. I have recently suffered from this literary affliction and it is a tough one to wrestle with, readers. You will have created an amazing fictional character who lights up your creative world. They are like an angel. For some strange […]

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How To Get To Know Your Characters – Take Them Shopping! #SundayBlogShare #Writers

writers, characters

  Do you want to get to know your fictional characters? Do you feel like you and your characters need to bond? Don’t despair! I have an amazing new trick for writing better characters. It involves two of my favourite pastimes; writing and shopping. As writers we need to create interesting and compelling characters because no […]

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Author Interviews Ian Probert @truth42 #Writers #Author #Boxing

  Welcome to my weekly blog series – Author Interviews. I spend a lot of my time pestering amazing authors and getting them to agree to an interview on my blog. These interviews provide my readers with valuable insight into a writers’ life. I get to understand how they overcame tough challenges whilst writing their […]

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The Blonde Creative Agony Aunt #writers #WritingTips

  When I am not writing my debut novel I like to transform into a Blonde Creative Agony Aunt. I like to help troubled writers resolve matters of the heart. My qualifications for being a Blonde Creative Agony Aunt are: I like to talk a lot. I like to give advice on things which I don’t […]

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5 Stages of Writer Procrastination #writer #writers

  Bold Statement. The writer announces to the world that they intend to spend tomorrow writing. They set themselves a target based on either word count or a number of chapters to be completed. As the writer finishes their speech they will let out a loud sigh of contentment and stare out of the window with a […]

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How To Not Feel Embarrassed About Being a Writer #writers #amwriting

Why do some of us harbour so much shame about being a writer? Why is it so hard to admit sometimes that in your spare time you sit alone and make up stories? Why are we sometimes ashamed or reluctant to own the phrase, ‘I am a writer.’  I have spent YEARS hiding, disguising and […]

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