The Diary of Roxy Collins – Series 1 Looking For Love

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Welcome to the home of the Diary of Roxy Collins Series

Roxy is a new sort of heroine. She is a single mother to three children; Matilda the teenage daughter from hell and her two young boys Harry and Toby. Her home is a rented house which is falling apart but she can’t say anything to her landlord, Brian, as he is her ’emotional rock’ in life. She has two useless ex partners and a job she hates.

Roxy has hit the online dating scene and is looking for someone who will accept her wobbly bits, put up with her chaotic lifestyle, her unruly children and love her for who she is.

Will she find her perfect man?

Roxy is now one of the Featured Stories on Wattpad.

She is also on iTunes as a podcast.

Here are the blog links for each episode to Series 1. 

Part 1: Office Life. 

Part 2: Shower Nightmare 

Part 3: Ex Partner

Part 4: First Date 

Part 5: Inner Biker Chick

Part 6: The Blind Date 

Part 7: The Family Wedding

Part 8: News

Part 9: The String Bikini

Part 10: Sea Rescue

Part 11: Cocktails, Hangovers and Ankles

Part 12: Big Fat Lies 

Part 13: The Two Timing Blonde Surfer

Part 14. The Female Best Friend 

Part 15: Sugary Revenge 

Part 16: Blame Cher

Part 17: The Hangover

Part 18: Supermarket Attraction

Part 19: The Book Signing

Part Twenty: The Date With A Vampire

Part Twenty One: The Football Match

Part Twenty Two: Finding Love at a 90th Birthday Party 

Part Twenty Three:  The Matchmaker 

Part Twenty Four: The Search For Matilda 

Part Twenty Five: The Ex-Boyfriend 

Part Twenty Six – OMG He’s a Rat!

Part Twenty Seven – The Sign

Part Twenty Eight – Tears In The Loo

Part Twenty Nine – The Hospital Dash 

Part Thirty – The Things Her Best Mate Said In Labour

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