Amazing Author Guest Posts


#BlondeWriteMore #LucyMitchell

This is where I am showcasing all the wonderful guest blog posts I have had from some amazing authors. 

These posts are crammed full of their learnings about writing:

  • 10 Things I have learned from writing a novel by Roxie Cooper. Please click here.
  • How To Survive Writing Your Second Novel by Rachel Burton. Please click here.
  • 5 Things Your Female Character Needs To Have by Zoe May. Please click here. 
  • Do You Compare Yourself To Other Writers? By Terry Tyler. Please click here.
  • Things I Wish I Had Known Whilst Writing My First Novel by Rachel Burton. Please click here.
  • Write What You Know, And What You Don’t Know by Evie Gaughan. Please click here.
  • Do I Need a Writing Buddy? By Rob Matthews. Please click here.