10 Writer Learnings From The London Book Fair 2017 #WritersLife #LBF17 #Writer

Things I took away from

This week I attended the London Book Fair 2017 and wanted to do a post to share my writer learnings from the event.

Apologies to those expecting the next part of my series Heaven Calling. It will be back next week.

I have never attended the London Book Fair before so I didn’t really know what to expect.

Here are my learnings.

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Author Interviews -Allie Potts @alliepottswrite #AmWriting #Writer

Author Interviews-2

Welcome to my weekly blog series – Author Interviews.

Every Saturday I get to interview inspiring authors who let me into their creative world. I get to hear how they overcame tough literary challenges, the highlights from their book writing journey and their answer to the big literary question –  what do they wear whilst working on their literary masterpieces?

This week I am joined by author and blogger Allie Potts. She describes herself as a ‘writer, geek and a constant self improver.’  I read her book ‘An Uncertain Faith’ last year and struggled to put it down, so she has been on my author hit list for sometime.

I do love Allie’s Twitter profile which reads ‘my Twitter activity may sometimes seem all over the place, but that is just how my mind works.’  This reminds me of how I approach Twitter.

Please welcome Allie Potts!

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Tina’s Writer Diary – The Book Trailer #writers #comedy #writer






9.34 a.m. I have been staring at Beryl’s email for ages. When I hired Beryl as my author assistant I knew this situation was going to occur at some point.


I can’t come over today and help you finish writing your book. The bumper pack of prunes that you bought me has not worked!  

Still no movement. 

Once the blockage clears I will return to work.

Thank you for the ‘get well’ card and for the touching personal message of ‘hurry up Beryl – my book is not going to write itself!”


Today is not a good day.

There are still 9,789 words left to write on my latest novel ‘Beautiful & Kidnapped’. With Beryl out of writing action it is down to me to finish writing my book. The trouble is I don’t feel like writing…

9.35 a.m. Barbara Houghton, my new author friend, who I met in the toilets at her book signing (we were both suffering with book club hangovers) has emailed me the link to her latest book trailer video.

9.36 a.m. I am watching her book trailer of ‘Ghost Romance’.

9.37 a.m. Pause Barbara’s video to shriek with joy!

An amazing idea has just come to me. My new book ‘Beautiful & Kidnapped’ needs a book trailer video.

Yes!!! I love how being an author allows me to showcase some of my other creative talents such as film making.

9.49 a.m. Taking some deep breaths whilst looking out of the window. Trying to remain calm.

9.51 a.m. Waking up Keith. He arrived home from his factory night shift an hour ago and we have an agreement that I will only wake him in an emergency.

9.53 a.m. Arguing with Keith about my definition of an ’emergency’ and how he doesn’t view making a book trailer video as life threatening.

9.57 a.m. Still arguing with Keith.

Margaret the cat has joined in. She’s snarling at both of us.

9. 58 a.m. Keith is getting up to prove to me that he is supportive of my literary career and because he thinks the cat is possessed.

10.45 a.m. We have got Keith’s video camera out of a cupboard and are discussing casting.

“So you want a female to sit, tied to a chair…” explains Keith whilst pacing the room.

“And gagged” I say, interrupting him.

“But in your book Vivian isn’t gagged?” queries Keith.

“All the best books have inconsistencies!”  I mutter.

Readers will be falling over themselves to buy my book once this trailer goes out. My body is trembling at the thought of tweeting the link to this cinematic masterpiece.

“You can’t put it live until your book is finished” explains Keith. “You told me you had about ten thousand words still to go and no one has given you any feedback on it yet”

I can feel myself prickling with agitation. Why does Keith always dampen my literary spirits?

“You know my feelings on getting feedback Keith” I hiss, casting him a dark look.

“Ok…calm down! I know people are jealous of your literary talents and try to talk you out of writing through feedback. I will leave the book writing to you” explains Keith, sensing trouble. “Hiring an actress might be costly.”

“We could use someone we know” I suggest.

“I am not sure we know someone who would be willing to star in such a production” Keith mumbles, scratching his head.

“We could ask your new darts team member Melanie?” I say after getting a flash of inspiration.

Keith and one-eyed Bob, his Darts pub team partner, have recruited a new member – Melanie.

Keith assures me that he and one-eyed Bob recruited Melanie on the basis of her dart throwing ability and their decision was not based on the fact that Melanie wears tight fitting clothes, has a Barbie like figure and squeals with laughter at their bad jokes.

Keith looks uncomfortable. “One-eyed Bob and I think she brings a lot to the team. i would hate to see that change” he mumbles.

1.56 p.m. Melanie has just tottered into our house on a pair of gigantic pink stilettos.

“Isn’t this great?” she squeaks, running her manicured nails through her long blonde hair.  “I love a bit of acting!”

I am struggling to contain my excitement and proudly lead the way up to our makeshift film set – the attic.

“Melanie I like to give a lot of stage direction” I gush, taking the stairs two at a time.  “I get obsessed about stuff a lot!”

“That means you are a professional Tina!” says Melanie, making me squeal with excitement.

“Is it a romance novel?” she asks, before we reach the attic.

“Sort of” I say quickly, visualising Vivian seducing her captor, evil but sexy Frank.

“What a cute little cat!” screeches Melanie, turning round to spot Margaret following us up the stairs.

“Please don’t look the cat in the eye Melanie!” Keith warns.

“Sorry Keith but I have to say hello to this beautiful kitty cat?” squeaks Melanie, encouraging Margaret the cat to join us.

I push open the attic door. “Our film set awaits!” I shout, feeling light headed at the prospect of directing my own book trailer.

“I have a really bad feeling about this” Keith mumbles, as Margaret the cat barges past him and into the attic.


50 Reasons Why a Writer Might Cry #writer #writers 

Reasons Why a Writer Might Cry

Writers cry a lot. Writing is an emotionally charged hobby. If you are not weeping about you think of your writing, you are crying over what others think about your writing.  If you are not weeping about Writer’s Block you are a sobbing mess over writing too much. We are keeping tissue companies in business!

Here at BlondeWriteMore we thought we would list out 50 reasons why a writer might cry!

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The Writer’s Bucket List #SundayBlogShare #writers

The Writer'sBucket List

Do you have a Writer’s Bucket List?  What things do you want to accomplish or experience as a writer before you die?

I have been giving some thought to my Writer’s Bucket List. Other bloggers are busy posting exciting and interesting travel bucket lists so I thought it would be fun to do one for writing. Note: I cannot guarantee a writer’s bucket list will have the same excitement factor as a travel bucket list.

As my Writer’s Bucket List is going to take the form of a blog post it will be easy to alter, update and revamp as time goes by.

Ok here we go, brace yourselves:

So between now and when I head off for Life’s Departure Lounge I would like to:

  1. Receive a number of rejection letters. All the great authors get these. To say ‘I have been rejected by X amount of agents or publishers’ is so bang on trend!
  2. Work with a professional editor to transform my work.
  3. Publish or self publish a number of books. (For noting – not just one).
  4. See my book in a printed form.
  5. Experience my own book signing event.
  6. To meet a real life reader fan and have a selfie taken! How cool!!
  7. To talk at a writer’s conference or writer event (sigh!)
  8. To go on a writing retreat.
  9. To go away to a quiet, isolated cottage on my own (plus Wi-Fi) and just write for the weekend. 
  10. To spot my book on the shelf at the library.
  11. To receive a five star review on my book (just one – I am not greedy)
  12. To win a writing competition or be a runner up (I am not picky)
  13. To write a book series. 
  14. To plan and implement a marketing plan for my book.
  15. To have an author page on Amazon. 
  16. To design a front cover for my book. 
  17. To never give up on my book dream.

Let me know what is going to be on your Writer’s Bucket List?

Have a great day!

photo credit: <a href=”http://www.flickr.com/photos/27000501@N08/5613967601″>Open Book, Blank</a> via <a href=”http://photopin.com”>photopin</a&gt; <a href=”https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd/2.0/”>(license)</a&gt;


10 Reasons Why You Should Take the Self Publishing Plunge #Writers #Writer



Guest Post by Sarah Potter.

10 Reasons for Taking the Self Publishing Plunge

First I would like to thank Lucy, otherwise known as Blondeusk, for inviting me to guest on her fabulous blog of which I’m an avid follower. She has proved herself a person of utmost patience; I’ve kept her waiting for two months, maybe three, for this post. In response to my umpteenth apology for my tardiness, she said, with her usual wry humour, that the Blondewritemore Team is willing to wait until 2017.

This post is about an exceedingly stubborn person – me – who has dug her heels in for far too long and wishes she’d given up on getting a traditional publishing deal a long time ago.

Traditional publishers reject most of the novels submitted to them, even well written ones if they don’t fit with what they’re looking for at that moment. I’ve had full reads from publishers and plenty of praise from them, except there’s always been a ‘but’ related to difficulty in defining the novel’s market.

The list below is my way of saying that writers mustn’t let rejection discourage them or lose belief in their work. Don’t chase a fading rainbow, just find a bright new one and follow that one instead. You never know, there might even be a pot of gold at the end of it, or at least some silver.

So here’s my personal path to enlightenment.

  1. My bookshelves had started to buckle under the weight of hardcopy books, so I overcame my prejudice against eBooks to prevent a catastrophe e.g. brain damage caused by bookfall.
  2. I’m from a generation taught that self-published novels were always inferior to traditionally published ones, but recently I’ve read some awesome eBooks by indie authors, which indicates to me that the state of play has changed.
  3. I wrote my first novel 25 years ago. A quarter of a century is an unacceptable length of time to remain unpublished. If I carry on seeking traditional publication, there’s a danger I’ll be lying with my toes curled up in a box and not have achieved my writing dream.
  4. Each rejection from a publisher or literary agent gives me an excuse to footle with the novel in question. Usually it takes 10 rejections before I give up submitting a manuscript. Hence the 25 years and 5 unpublished novels situation. Recently, I outlawed footling and declared on my blog that I intended to self-publish my urban fantasy novel, Desiccation, early in December, so now I’ll have egg on my face if I chicken out.
  5. Yesterday’s cross-genre sometimes becomes an accepted genre or sub-genre further down the line. Four of my five novels fit into a genre now (albeit, loosely so) when they didn’t fit any at all before. The fifth one is plain weird but might slot into a category called ‘Mash-up’ that I’ve just stumbled upon on Amazon.
  6. I’m writing for readers, not publishers. This is my chance to know if people want to read my novels. If they do, I’ll carry on investing my time in novel writing. If they don’t, I’ll just enjoy posting flash fiction and haiku on my blog and enter the occasional competition to see where that takes me. It’s the uncertainty that’s driving me crazy.
  7. The gift of public speaking evades me and I’m a bit of a recluse by nature. One day, about six months ago, it suddenly dawned on me that I didn’t want a literary agent or publisher putting pressure on me to do book signing tours and give talks; that I’d much rather hide behind my computer in the comfort of my own home promoting my novels.
  8. Further to the above, I hate the whole superficiality of the celebrity culture. As an indie author lurking in the Amazon Marketplace, I am free of censure by the fashion gurus and the paparazzi. I can have a bad-hair day and go without make-up, wear my jeans, T-shirts, oversized jumpers, and Birkenstock sandals: do all of these things in peace.
  9. Getting a traditional publishing deal for your first novel, does not guarantee getting one for subsequent novels. This means one of two things for dumped writers: either they’ll have to find another publisher for their latest novel, which isn’t going to be easy if their sales figures were no good on the first novel, or they’ll have to self-publish, which they might as well have done in the first place. Far better to self-publish novel number one, two, and three, then receive an offer for a traditional publishing deal.
  10. Create Space and Kindle authors earn a higher percentage from sales than traditionally published authors would, although it’s fair to say that they might not sell as many books without all the marketing machinery behind them. But hey, I like challenges, so here’s to my new publishing and marketing career!

Sarah Potter is author of the blog ‘Sarah Potter Writes’. She is also a fantasy fiction author and a Haiku & Tanka poet.

I am huge fan of her work and I think she’s amazing. The Blondewritemore team would like to thank Sarah for keeping her guest blogging promises – we got there in the end. Sigh!

Below is a photo of Sarah posing outside the ‘Blondewritemore office’ !  🙂

Sarah Potter

Photo: Upsplash