How To Handle Attention Seeking Minor Characters #SundayBlogShare #AmWriting

#writing #characters

If you have never rolled your eyes at a minor character, who has ideas above their station, and then found yourself shouting, through your laptop screen, “will you stop being such an attention grabbing minor character!”  – you haven’t lived! Some minor characters are born into your story knowing they are never going to be centre […]

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Author Interviews -Allie Potts @alliepottswrite #AmWriting #Writer

  Welcome to my weekly blog series – Author Interviews. Every Saturday I get to interview inspiring authors who let me into their creative world. I get to hear how they overcame tough literary challenges, the highlights from their book writing journey and their answer to the big literary question –  what do they wear whilst […]

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Tina’s Writer Diary – The Book Trailer #writers #comedy #writer

Tuesday 9.34 a.m. I have been staring at Beryl’s email for ages. When I hired Beryl as my author assistant I knew this situation was going to occur at some point. Tina,  I can’t come over today and help you finish writing your book. The bumper pack of prunes that you bought me has not […]

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50 Reasons Why a Writer Might Cry #writer #writers 


  Writers cry a lot. Writing is an emotionally charged hobby. If you are not weeping about you think of your writing, you are crying over what others think about your writing.  If you are not weeping about Writer’s Block you are a sobbing mess over writing too much. We are keeping tissue companies in […]

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The Writer’s Bucket List #SundayBlogShare #writers

Do you have a Writer’s Bucket List?  What things do you want to accomplish or experience as a writer before you die? I have been giving some thought to my Writer’s Bucket List. Other bloggers are busy posting exciting and interesting travel bucket lists so I thought it would be fun to do one for […]

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10 Reasons Why You Should Take the Self Publishing Plunge #Writers #Writer

  Guest Post by Sarah Potter. 10 Reasons for Taking the Self Publishing Plunge First I would like to thank Lucy, otherwise known as Blondeusk, for inviting me to guest on her fabulous blog of which I’m an avid follower. She has proved herself a person of utmost patience; I’ve kept her waiting for two […]

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