How To Act Like A Writer With A Bad Cold #SundayBlogShare #WritersLife #Writer


Have you ever wanted to know what it is like to be a writer?

Are you currently battling against a heavy cold?  Sneezing, coughing, shivering and feeling a bit grumpy?

Why not take this opportunity to act like a writer…. with a nasty cold?

The important thing to remember is that writers will still experience high levels of creativity whilst suffering with a heavy cold.

Here are my top tips on how to act like a writer with a bad cold:

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How to Act Like a Writer on Christmas Day! #SundayBlogShare #ChristmasDay #Writer


Do you dream about being a writer?

Why not act like one on Christmas Day?

Stick a pencil behind your ear, tuck a blank notebook under your arm, grab a silly festive hat and start acting like a writer on Christmas Day:

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How To Survive Making Your Characters Suffer #SundayBlogShare #AmWriting


Have you ever had to inflict pain and suffering onto a character who you like….a lot?

Have you ever tipped a bucket full of ‘life hell’ over your character and whilst you were doing it felt like you were betraying an old friend?

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How to Survive Deleting a Character From Your Story #Writer #AmWriting


Writing the death of a much-loved character can be demanding and can leave you inconsolable.

There is, however, another literary situation which can be just as challenging and it can cast a nasty gloom over your writing day – deleting a character from your story.

I am not talking about deleting a random minor character; someone who you created one day after too much coffee, inserted into the middle of your novel, just to beef it out (technical literary term) and then deleted them the following day after realising your stupidity. Sigh!

No – I am talking about when you make major changes to your draft and you decide to get rid of a key character. They will be a fictional person who has been with you since the start of your story and someone who you have history with. The awful thing is that you know a change like this needs to happen and..dare you say it..your story will be better without them.

This situation can play havoc with your emotions as you have to ERASE this fictional character from your story and then act like they NEVER existed!

You don’t know about literary heart-break until you have experienced severing all ties with a fictional character.

So, if you are an emotional writer like me, you will find deleting an existing character tough going.

Here are some useful tips on how to survive this dark literary time:

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28 Reasons Why A Writer Might Be Having A Sleepless Night #Writer #AmWriting


There are so many reasons why a writer might be having a sleepless night:

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Useful People Watching Tips For Writers #AmWriting #Writers #Writing



I LOVE people watching. It helps if you are either naturally nosey or you were the odd kid at the back of the class, in school, who sat staring at all the popular kids.

Sometimes I don’t think we appreciate how cool it is to be a writer. With ‘must do activities’ such as spying on people life is NEVER dull for us writers!  Choosing to lead a fun-filled creative life was one of the main reasons why I woke up one morning, a few years ago, with a big smile on my face and cried “I am going to become a writer!”  This passion of mine means I get to write nonsense, undertake some interesting Google searches, laugh at my own jokes, talk to imaginary folk and do hours of curtain twitching.

I am sure you can all imagine my excitement when I decided to write a post about all my people watching hints and tips!

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The Imaginary People in a Writer’s Life #Writers #NaNoWriMo


Once I started brain storming this important literary topic I couldn’t stop!

This might surprise you, but there are quite a few imaginary people in a writer’s life.

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Things Not To Do When You Meet Someone Who Resembles Your Fictional Character #Writer #NaNoWriMo



There is something magical about meeting a person in real life who resembles your fictional character.

Trust me the experience will make you take a sharp intake of breath and may even result in you being a little unsteady on your feet.

Standing in front of someone who looks and acts just like the person in your novel can be mind-blowing.

I experienced this a few days ago in a coffee shop. A man, stood in front of me in the queue, was basically one of my draft novel’s main characters; Mikey. Just like my character Mikey, this person was devilishly handsome, had an eye for the ladies and a cheeky boyish smile. Readers – I struggled to remain in control of my emotions!

After purchasing my coffee, wiping my sweaty brow and watching him like a hawk (for a period of time) I sat down and trawled Google to see whether any other authors were experiencing this phenomenon of characters appearing in real life or was it just me. Thankfully I am not alone!

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When You Realise Your Character is More Interesting Than You.. #SundayBlogShare #Writer


When Your Characters More Interesting Then You-3

This can be an awkward moment for any writer and definitely worthy of a blog post.

There are several stages connected with realising your character is more interesting than you – the writer.

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Writers: How to Tame a Wild Character #MondayBlogs #Writer #AmWriting


I love wild and unruly characters. You know the ones who just want to have a good time, the ones who refuse to do what you want them to do, the ones who do not let you into their head or the characters who take us off on wild goose chases.

Of course it’s never the author’s fault that their imaginary friends are running riot….um…no…fault lies with the unruly characters! Yes!

Sometimes you do need to take control of your rebellious literary offspring.

Here is my guide on how to tame your wild character:

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