How To Accept Weird Stuff Starts Happening Once You Become A #Writer #AmWriting


Once I became a writer weird stuff started happening to me. When I say weird stuff I mean unexplained things, unusual situations, bizarre hunches and crazy feelings. In order to prove that I am not the only writer out there experiencing weird stuff  I thought I would write this blog post on the subject. *Lowers […]

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8 Signs You’re Not Ready To Quit Writing #MondayBlogs #AmWriting #Writer

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You have your reasons for quitting writing; it’s too hard, you’ve come to the conclusion your writing is unlikely to bring you fame and fortune, nobody wants to read your work or even your best tweed writer jacket no longer fits you. They all seem like great reasons to quit. The only problem is that […]

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How To Make Lemonade When Writing Gives You Lemons #AmWriting


When writing gives me lemons; painful episodes of writer’s block, dull characters, sagging plots, confidence issues, negative feedback and a head full of creative demons – I make lemonade! I have made so much lemonade recently with my writing lemons that I am actually getting quite good at it. Here is how I make lemonade […]

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How To Get The Best From Your Writer Muse #writers #writer


Writer muses are believed to be guiding spirits or mystical creatures that whisper creative and inspirational new ideas to writers whilst they work. The term “muse” originally came from Greek mythology— it was one of the nine goddesses, daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, who presided over the arts and sciences. If you have a writer […]

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