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For the fashion conscious amongst us I thought I would pull together 5 key looks for writers:

  1. Writer At Work Look.  This look guarantees the writer maximum comfort whilst at the laptop for several hours. You can achieve this look by wearing pyjamas / track suit bottoms & t-shirt / baggy cardigan / loose-fitting trousers and slippers or fluffy slipper boots. Take this look one step further by going without make-up, scraping your hair up and having a pencil tucked behind your ear.
  2. The Tweed Writer Look. This look is all about letting the world know that you are a writer through tweed. It screams ‘creative person’. I did some research for this post and when I asked people what they thought writers wear tweed was their unprompted response! Sigh!  Take this look to the next level by dressing head to toe in tweed.
  3. The Stereotypical Writer look. This look is all about tapping into those writer stereotypes from films, cartoons and books. You can achieve this look by wearing dark glasses and dark clothes. Make the most of this look by sitting outside a café (preferably French), drink coffee, and look intense!
  4. The Geeky Writer look. This is all about tapping into that writer geek stereotype. You can achieve this look with some nerdy thick framed glasses, a bow tie, a tailored jacket and some loafers. Make the most of this look by having a tablet or Mac tucked under your arm and having a really mind blogging plot to talk about.
  5. The Dress For Your Genre Writer look. This is all about representing your book’s genre through fashion – sigh! For example I like writing Gothic Horror so for this look I would be squeezing myself into some black velvet number complete with precarious stilettos, black hair, fish nets and black lipstick. Loud sigh! Sounds interesting doesn’t it?  I think some of my fellow writers representing other genres might have some interesting takes on this look. If there are writers out there who love writing Westerns – I am so envious right now!

If there are any other writer looks out there please let me know!

I am looking forward to seeing what comments I get on this post…



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Lucy Mitchell lives in South Wales with her husband, her two teenage daughters, a giant labrador and a gang of unruly cats. Lucy is the author of the award winning blog, BlondeWriteMore and was a Featured Romance Author on Wattpad. When she’s not working or writing, Lucy can be found listening to audiobooks in a muddy field with her dog or sat outside her local pub in the sunshine enjoying a glass of wine. Her debut novel Instructions Falling In Love Again is OUT now and already pulling in some fabulous reviews ❤️

119 thoughts on “How To Dress Like A Writer #writerslife #writers #ArchiveDay

  1. Hmmm, I write poetry and crime fiction, so I will wear a romantic hairstyle and droopy shawl for the poetic side of things, and a black cat burglar outfit and carry a knife for the crime side of things.

  2. The romantic in me would just have sleeves to wear his heart on…tweed no way, nor geek, rarely moody or smoke or take things too seriously though otherwise like the French look, guess as an early morning writer it’s more an underdressed writer at work look…and yours…Goth ensemble works for me and tea? Have a good day my daybreak friend. Eric.

  3. If I thought I could get away with with it I’d go for #1 everywhere, but I’d likely get arrested. I’m on my way to my first writer conference in a couple of weeks and having major anxiety over how to present myself. It’s Florida, so anything goes.

    1. Lived in mid-south FL for 16 years. Everyone wears flip flops or sandals, shorts, and loose short-sleeved shirts or tank tops. It’s always warm there. The only caveat would be the upper crust who always dress to show off or be politically correct.

      1. Lucy, stop that… If Sacha gets to see this you will find yourself committed to a plan you may well regret! I’m already having to sing the philosophers drinking song and the hydra is choosing what colour my beard will be…

  4. The pj’s got me banged to writes ha! But if partying I have a black lace dress a notebook in a garter and a pencil in my bun. But I am longing to get back in my pj’s the whole time.

  5. I think I have a fashion split personality. I own pumps and heels of every shade and style; tweed jackets, pants and skirts that go with boots; and jeans and tomboy long sleeve shirts worn with a cap. I’d like to see you write a piece on bags, purses and shoes when it comes to writers 🙂

      1. I think the reason I loved Sex and the City because it was an ode to shoes first, writer’s experience through the shoes second, everything else – third. Shoes and bags are important.

  6. Oh lord! I write creative non fiction and at the moment for adolescents. I’ll be dressed like an emo lol. Great post! Lord knows where you keep getting these ideas from – you are a genius.

  7. Thank you, your post really made me laugh! I’m sitting here with my scraped back hair with a pencil stuck in my messy pony/bun, t shirt and baggies – guilty as charged. However, I’m quite taken by the idea of working in some tweed for next season! 😉

  8. definitely ‘writer at work’ is me – with geeky glasses and the tablet… However I do channel an alter-ego avatar, Jan-ARRRRRGH!!! ( when I’m working on my current fantasy project

  9. I do a version of #1: fuzzy slippers, no make-up, hair up, bright (and I do mean bright) pink scarf around my hair and, since I’m in the tropics, a cotton dress, preferably sleeveless or with thin straps. 🙂

  10. Ah, clearly you’ve hacked my PC and are spying on me… and my #1 fixation on PJs when working.

    I almost wish I had long hair, so I could do that really cool thing where you hold your hair up using a pencil for a pin. Love that.

  11. I think one of the most important looks for writers are actually our eye bags. Not forgetting the the messy hair, mismatched pajamas and the lack of hygiene. 😄😄

  12. #5 is hilarious. I’d finally get into writing in the fantasy genres so I can dress as an elf or a wizard. Hmm. I write a lot of flas fiction so… Am I flashing? Nude typing. Let’s not go there. So, for #1, no yoga pants? Is that not a thing anymore? 😳

  13. I dress like a Nordic crime writer, rather than a science fiction & fantasy author. Am still contemplating a murder in the frozen wastes, but am not sure about all that blood in the snow. Perhaps I can invent a new hybrid genre — frozen worlds science fantasy crime!

  14. Not sure I’ve ever worn tweed in my life. It sounds scratchy and boring. I go for comfort. Not sure which style of writing that would be but cotton knit pants and tops ate my writing and everything else look.
    Now, off to read the comments.

  15. I’m definitely in the #1 category. 🙂 Dressing for fantasy would be fun, but I imaging it could get cumbersome every now and then when going for the “heroic warrior” look. 😛

  16. Currently working on an historical novel. Think I’d have to go with the 1800’s billowing dresses with the scoop neckline and puff sleeves, and granny boots. Definitely have to grow my hair longer (current pic is okay) and have it pulled up in a cluster of ringlets in the back of my head.

    1. Oh my goodness I am so envious of your look! Have always yearned to go 1800’s fashions. Puff sleeves and billowing dresses – yes please! Work that look! Happy weekend

    1. Loving this ‘old baggy raggedy PJ Writer look’ – this works for me. I like how you are taking the look onestep further by not showering and not combing your hair! Brill! Thx for making me smile – happy weekend!

  17. I embrace the slouchy stretch pants and sweatshirt look, EVERY DAY! Ha! I will have to try the Beatnik writer look and wear a beret.
    Thanks for coming to the party! As I answered comments, yours must have popped in and I missed it!
    There are so many blogs to check out!

  18. I’m afraid I fall into the number 1 category because I seem to spend half my day in PJs, hoping that no one knocks on the door. I’d love to dress for my genre – romantic mystery – but I’m afraid I’d take too long trying to decide on which romantic or mysterious outfit to wear. I suppose I could always dress up the PJs with a soft, filmy pashmina, but then I really hope the neighbours don’t knock at the door because they’d probably send for the men in white coats and it might be even harder to write in a straitjacket…

  19. Writing in pajamas was my first thought–and you already have that one. 🙂 Other than that, fantasy authors have lots of cosplay alternatives. Either leather like the Hansel and Gretel witch hunters, or some sort of quasi-medieval jacket would be my faves. And there’s always the vast array of steampunk options.

  20. I can see value in them all! I usually go with number one. Also let’s me avoid putting on makeup. Dog doesn’t care. Husband claims I look gorgeous no matter what (rolls eyes). But I’m thinking to switch to number five (Depression-era in the Dust Bowl) just for a cheap change of pace.

  21. Personally, I’m all about rocking the PJ’s when writing, but I also love the Sporty Writer, you know, runners and leggings and fleecy tops, especially the tops which have holes in the sleeves, so we can keep our hands toasty while still typing on our laptops… I mean, who-ever thought of that? Ingenious! Um… you mean that fashion feature wasn’t actually designed for writers???

  22. I like showcasing my creative side with my outfit sometimes. Other times it’s just “I have to write and to heck with what I’m wearing today” lol 😉

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