How To Act Like A Writer With A Bad Cold #SundayBlogShare #WritersLife #Writer


Have you ever wanted to know what it is like to be a writer?

Are you currently battling against a heavy cold?  Sneezing, coughing, shivering and feeling a bit grumpy?

Why not take this opportunity to act like a writer…. with a nasty cold?

The important thing to remember is that writers will still experience high levels of creativity whilst suffering with a heavy cold.

Here are my top tips on how to act like a writer with a bad cold:

  1. Even though you will be feeling unwell, you will still be experiencing a powerful urge to write. The urge to write never leaves a writer and it always intensifies at the wrong time, like when you are sick. Once you get the urge to write you cannot do anything else. To your annoyance, whilst writing, your nose will refuse to stop running. You will soon grow tired of one-handed typing, whilst the other hand plugs your nose with a handful of tissues. This frustrating situation will force you to get inventive. You will end up tying a piece of string around your face, with two balls of tissue attached, placed directly underneath both nostrils to catch the flow. This will allow you to happily keep hammering out those words, without worrying about your streaming nose.
  2. You will come up with some AMAZING ideas for new stories whilst suffering from a high temperature. Whilst loved ones cast a look of concern at your digital temperature read out, you will be furiously scribbling down something wonderful. I have always found that ideas which arrive during a high temperature rarely have to be altered or deleted. Actually some of my best ideas have been written in a feverish state – sigh!
  3. Loved ones will hear you informing your characters about your ill state and how you have no patience for fictional time wasters. 
  4. Your writer fashion look will contain some new accessories; tissues, more tissues, bit of tissues stuck in your hair, bits of tissue stuck to your nose and a collection of cold medications stuffed in your pocket.
  5. Loved ones will hear you sneeze and then let out a piercing scream, whilst reading your freshly printed manuscript. You will be seen wiping something off your paper draft, coughing and muttering some naughty words.
  6. There will be a new addition to your ‘I hate editing face’ – a bright red nose!
  7. The emails you send to writer friends, about your ill state and how you are still managing to write, will be lengthy, full of wonderful description and heart wrenching. Writer friends will wonder whether it was just a cold and may even check Twitter to see whether you actually passed over whilst rewriting that first chapter.
  8. Loved ones will have to put up with a double whammy on the moaning front – creative moaning and illness moaning. Lucky them.
  9. Loved ones will fail to notice the mischievous smile on your face as they tell you to go back to bed and stay there until you are better. With a hop, skip and a jump you will race upstairs, grabbing the laptop and make use of some delightful writing time from your bed. After being given this recovery treat you might find that your heavy cold takes longer to shift. Fast forward five days and you are still in bed…writing…whilst telling the family you are still VERY poorly.
  10. You will have no energy to have a creative tantrum during your illness. You will just focus on your writing and getting better.

If you are currently sneezing and coughing I hope you get well soon!

Have a wonderful day readers!

Lucy x



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32 thoughts on “How To Act Like A Writer With A Bad Cold #SundayBlogShare #WritersLife #Writer

  1. Every cloud has a silver lining eh! I must admit, i am definitely guilty of putting my Surface onto my lap when I am meant to be ‘resting’ in bed!!!!

  2. Super list. The interesting part is a writer with a cold gets as much sympathy as a writer without aa cold. None. Also, I read the Diary episode about Bob the rat and it disappeared when I went to comment. Wanted you to know it was hysterical.

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