Vampire & Single Part 6 The Visit #Vampire #Paranormal #ASMSG

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Welcome to my weekly series – Vampire & Single.

Last week Henry told Sasha they could not have anymore contact as she needed to find her own path.

Boris, the guy who bit Sasha a year ago, turned up unexpectedly on her doorstep and Emily, her best friend, revealed she was back dating Viktor, Boris’s friend.

Here is part 6:


7.35 p.m. “Why won’t you let me kiss you?” Boris leans back and stares at me.

I place my head into my hands. “How many times do I have to say this?”

He remains silent.

“You can’t turn someone into a vampire and expect them to be all over you, like a rash, when you rock up a year later.”

As I lift my head I see a mischievous smile spreading across his rugged face. “Don’t you remember how good it felt to kiss me,” he whispers, caressing my cheek with his cold finger.

I bat his hand away. In Boris’s head it is a matter of time before we pick up from where we left things last year, after he bit my neck outside a restaurant and then vanished. I can’t bring myself to kiss him. He doesn’t seem to understand his actions extinguished any romantic feelings I had for him.

His arm snakes across my shoulders. “You can kiss me when you’re ready. I am happy to wait. As long as it takes…my precious Sasha. ”

Wriggling free of him I rise from the sofa. “Vampires are not supposed to form relationships,” I say, catching a glimpse of something blue and silver at my window. I take a second look and it’s gone.

“Rubbish!” snorts Boris. “We make the best lovers. I would be more than happy to show you.”

I roll my eyes at him.

He stretches out, resting his giant leather boots on the sofa arm. “Have you been talking to other vampires?”

I turn away and put the image of Henry to the back of my mind.

“Please tell me you have not been talking to the Light Order!”

My head snaps back round to him. “You know about the Light Order?”

Boris nods. “They will fill your head with rubbish. We are vampires Sasha. Our brains and bodies are wired differently. We need to feed.”

My heart starts to thud. “Not on the blood of innocent people.”

Boris blows out the air from his cheeks. “It’s called survival Sasha.”

“Murder more like,” I mumble.

I watch Boris sit up. “Human blood gives us superior powers. Animal blood is a poor substitute, it makes us weak. We need human blood or we will eventually die.”

“Well I would rather die!” I look away and find myself wishing he would leave. It was great having him here for the first few days. We camped out on my sofa, watched vampire films, performed silly flying stunts in my lounge and drank all of Henry’s pouches.

Over the last day or so the atmosphere between us has become charged. Things have not been helped by my blood stash running out. I run my tongue over my lips, desperately searching for a trace of yesterday’s drink.

“You’re being silly now,” Boris runs his hand through his black hair. “The Light Order is in disarray so I would not pay any attention to what they say.’

“What do you mean?”

He inspects the large black dragon tattoo on his muscular arm. “They have a weak leader and there are rumours of a new kind of Light vampire, who could threaten his position.”

I cast him a puzzled look. “A new vampire of the Light?”

A grin slides across Boris’s face. “Utter rubbish. No Vampire of the Light is ever going to change the world, as they don’t feed on human blood.”

“Are you worried?”

Boris laughs. “Sasha, the day I become worried about a gang of silly vampires preaching about some inner light will be the day I die.”

I can feel my shoulders tense. I want Boris to leave and crawl back into the dark hole he came from.

There is a question, buzzing around my head like a trapped fly, which needs to be answered. “What was it like when you bit me?”

He rises from the sofa and comes over to take my hand. His fingers start to stroke it. “Honestly…it was…..out of this world.”

“What?” I snap, retracting my hand and stepping away from him.

“You wanted to know Sasha, I am telling you the truth!”

I can feel my face starting to get hotter. “How can something like that be out of this world? You sunk your fangs into my neck, feasted on my blood and destroyed my life?”

He scratches his head and shrugs, “It is such a powerful experience. Your mind becomes focused on one thing. There’s no time to dwell on other stuff.”

I start to pace the perimeter of my living room. “And afterwards. Did you feel guilty?”

He doesn’t answer and hangs his head. “Boris!” I bark.

“I felt like I had taken the best drug in the world. It lasted for days.”

My head throbs. Whilst I was fainting at the sight of my killer fangs and wishing I was dead Boris was on some sort of high. “Did you ever think about what you had done to me?” I croak, blinking away salty tears.

He walks over and strokes my hair. “Sasha, of course I thought about you. How could I forget someone as beautiful as you?”

Swallowing back the taste of sick in my mouth I edge away from him. “I think you better leave,” I say firmly.

He grabs my arm. “Do you want to go back to being lonely? I didn’t see your Light Order friends comforting you when I turned up the other day?”

I curse myself for getting emotional with him. There was no need to tell him my inner thoughts. “Boris – get out!”

“Sasha stop kidding yourself!” he hisses. “You are just like me. We are vampires.”

“We are – but I am not a killer,” I march towards the door.

He grabs my shoulder. “I tried to fight it too. Promised myself I wouldn’t be like the rest. After Viktor bit me I decided to not drink human blood but…”

“What did you say?” Emily’s face flashes across my mind.

Boris loosens his grip. “When he bit me I was like you. I didn’t want to hurt anyone but I did and it’s so addictive. One bite and you are hooked.”

Breath is trapped in my throat. “Viktor is a vampire too?” I croak.

His hands fall away. “I thought you knew?”

A murmur falls from my lips. “Emily?”

Time grinds to a halt. A knock at the door makes us both jump. Boris darts towards it and yanks on the handle.

Viktor is stood in the doorway, in his arms lies Emily’s lifeless body.

“What have you done to her?” I scream. He walks in and lays her limp body across my sofa, letting her greasy blonde hair hang over the edge.

Viktor and Boris go stand by the window. There is a hint of a grin on Viktor’s stubble clad face.

I rush over to Emily and take her pale hand in mine. It is cold to touch and I can see her skin has a blue tinge to it.  “Emily wake up!” I say, placing my fingers on her neck to locate a pulse. The gentle pump of a vein sends a wave of relief over me.

Her eyelids start to flicker and her grey lips move slowly.

“Let her rest,” instructs Boris, coming over from the window to place a hand on my shoulder.

“Stay away from us!” I growl, rising to my feet.

Viktor’s deep voice fills the room. “She asked me to bite her.”  I turn around to see him folding his thick arms across his chest and widening his leg stance.

“Did you know he was going to do this?” I scream at Boris, making him take a step back.

“She asked him Sasha…she begged him!” shouts Boris.

I notice that Viktor is grinning at me. Anger is surging through my body. I want to tear him apart for what he has done to Emily.

“You have no right to do this to people!” I scream, pointing at Emily. “This is a life sentence. I hate what you have done to me and it is sickening to think Emily will now suffer too!”

“It is a blessing!” says Viktor, stroking his chin. “You should be grateful we gave you this new existence.”

The sound of Emily groaning on the sofa distracts me from leaping into the air and attacking him.

For a moment we all turn and watch her stir.

“Sasha” she mumbles, holding out her hand and giving me a weak smile. “I begged him…to turn me into…a vampire,” she whispers.

“Emily you’re very ill. You don’t know what you are saying,” I get down on one knee beside her.

“I am fine!” she mutters, hauling herself up to a sitting position. “I asked Viktor to bite me. Becoming a vampire is probably the coolest thing to have happened to me,” she explains. I watch as she gingerly touches the other side of her neck with her finger tips.

“Emily, please stop this. You are hallucinating.”

She glances over my shoulder at Viktor. “He explained everything and then I asked him to bite me.”

Tears fill up my eyes. “But you had everything going for you Emily. Why would you want to ruin it all and become a…”

Emily’s eyes darken. “I knew what I was doing!”

I shake my head as tears stream down my face. “Emily, you don’t know how grotesque and awful it makes you feel!”

“Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean I will dislike it!” hisses Emily.

I stare in horror at her. “They told you about me then?”

“Yes they did. I don’t understand why you’ve made such a fuss about it. Being a vampire is so cool!” she says, flashing me a sickly smile.

“Its awful” I croak.

Emily swings her legs over the side of the sofa. “I can’t believe you didn’t tell me.”

She rises from the sofa, clutching her neck and staggers towards Viktor. I watch as she leans her head on his shoulder and snuggles up to him.

I stand for what feels like an eternity, staring at her. How could she do something like this? Why would anyone in their right mind want to become a vampire?

Boris tries to come and comfort me but I shake him off.

“Get your hands off me!” I scream.

Emily whispers something to Viktor who smiles. She turns and says, “we have to go, there is something we need to do!”

“What?” I ask, flicking from Emily, to Boris and then to Viktor.

Viktor places a hand on Emily’s shoulder and starts to lead her out of my room. He turns and hisses “something you should have done a long time ago!”

“Emily!” I shout.

She raises her arm to stop Viktor. Breaking free she walks back to me. “Come with us Sasha, you look like you need a drink.”

I shake my head. “Don’t do this, please listen to me.”

Her tongue sweeps over her cracked lips before she giggles, “we are going to a club to have some fun. Come with us.”

My phone bleeps from the coffee table. “I have just text you the club’s details,” says Boris.

Emily leans her face closer to mine. “It will be a special night for both of us.”

“No…please no!”

I watch her throw her blonde head back and cackle. “Oh stop being boring Sasha!”

Before I can say anything else they all leave and close the door.

Emily is in this mess because of me. I have to save her. Whilst growing up Emily was always getting me into trouble. In the early years she would persuade me to climb high trees, go garden hopping and tease the boys, who lived at the house at the end of her road. As teenagers she persuaded me to kiss the boys, stay out late at parties and skip classes. She might be wild and reckless but she’s my best friend. I have to rescue her.

Racing into my bedroom to find something to wear, I come to a juddering halt as I catch sight of my face in the mirror. My fangs are huge and glistening. This thirst is getting worse and there are no more pouches left. The orange glow from my eyes sends a shiver down my spine and the strange raspy sound coming from my throat fills me with dread. Getting carried away with Boris and drinking all my supplies was not a good idea. The last thing I need right now is a raging vampire  thirst.

My clothes look shabby and tired. I cannot wear these to a club. Inside my wardrobe I find all the clothes Henry bought me. A black leather cat suit catches my attention.

9.10 p.m.  Music is booming out as I enter the club. My heart sets off on a gallop at the sight of all the swaying bodies inside. A man accidentally knocks into me and I find myself staring at his glazed neck. Instinctively I place my hand over my mouth.

Boris is standing at the bar. His thick eyebrows arch in surprise at the sight of me. He sidles up and whispers, “you look so hot tonight!” I push him away and spot Emily and Viktor in the corner. Emily is sat on Viktor’s lap.

I make my way across the bar and tap her on the shoulder.

“Sasha!” she says breathlessly. “Oh – you’re here!”

‘We need to talk Emily’ I say, taking her by the arm and pulling her off Viktor.

“Sasha no!” she screeches.

I drag her over to a corner of the bar. “We need to get you out of here!” I say, looking over my shoulder and catching sight of Viktor and Boris walking towards us.

“Stop it! I want to be with Viktor!” she screeches and pushes me aside. I watch her run into his arms.

“Are you coming with us?” asks Boris, grinning at me.

“Where are you going?” I ask.

“To the Builder’s Yard over the road,” squeals Emily, stroking Viktor’s neck.

“What are you planning to do over there?” I ask.

Emily releases herself from Viktor and comes over to me. She lifts my hair and whispers “I am going to get my first bite!”

“No!” I snarl, grabbing her wrist and making her scream.

“Get off Sasha you’re hurting me!” she cries.

“Emily, you are a good person” I plead.

She glares at me. “Let me make my own decisions!”

“Come on Emily!” growls Viktor, taking her by the hand. His eyes run up and down my leather cat suit. “Are you coming Sasha?” he asks, licking his lips with his monster tongue.

As we step outside I notice the Builder’s Yard is bathed in a pale light from the silvery moon. Viktor and Boris have found a gaping hole in the huge wire fencing that goes around the yard. We all bend down to go through it.

There is a large rusty shed, a dirty looking digger, various metal tools and an array of wood planks.

As we enter black shapes move out from behind the shed. Soon there is a crowd of strange looking men with pale faces and glazed expressions surrounding us.

Viktor clicks his fingers and one man goes behind the digger. He drags out a young man with a haunted look in his eyes.

“Its feeding time Sasha!” cries out Viktor, grabbing the young man by the scruff of his collar.

“Please…don’t hurt…me!” begs the man.

I shake my head. “Let him go!”

Viktor throws his head back and laughs.

“I will not harm an innocent person.” I say, trying to grab hold of Emily’s arm. She bats me away and runs to Viktor.

“Grab her!” commands Viktor. In a flash four burly vampires take hold of me.

“Emily!” I shout. “What’s going on?”

I stare in horror as Emily giggles at me. “It was a trick Sasha. Viktor had this all planned. He needed my help to get you here.” She turns to Viktor who kisses her on the cheek.

I try to break free, but the men are too strong.

“It is time for you to feed Sasha!” Viktor cries, gesturing to the men around me. They haul me over to the young man. My head is pushed towards his neck.

All I can smell is skin and flesh, intermingled with the sweet scent of blood beneath it.

“Please don’t hurt me!” whispers the young man.

I am pushed closer. My fangs touch his skin.

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  1. Hi Lucy I’m back reading your story. Life got in the way and I had to put it aside for a while. But I am thrilled to see I can now read it all in one sitting after work.
    Can’t wait to see how it ends.

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