Vampire & Single Series


How To Deal With A-3


New serialised vampire fiction – Vampire & Single.

This story reached #11 in the Wattpad Vampire charts and it deserves a showcase on my blog.

Out every Thursday!


Sasha, 23, is a new vampire, struggling to come to terms with life. She never wanted to become a vampire.

On a second date she was bitten by Boris, a guy she hardly knew. He vanished the following day leaving her to endure a terrible transformation.

Months later Sasha feels alone, angry and scared of turning into a monster. Her urges to drink blood are getting stronger and she struggles to keep control of her fangs.

Life for her is all about hiding the fact she has become a vampire and trying to act like a normal twenty-three year old who works in an office.

Her worst nightmare is for the human world to discover she is a vampire and lock her away.

Will she ever come to terms with what has happened to her?

Part 1: Me. Click here.

Part 2: Sam. Click here.

Part 3: The Search. Click here.

Part 4: Henry. Click here.

Part 5: Light and Dark. Click here.

Part 6: The Visit. Click here. 

Part 7: Strength. Click here. 

Part 8: World Gone Crazy. Click here. 

Part 9: The Voice. Click here

Part 10: The Prisoners. Click here