Vampire & Single Series

Vampire & Single-2

Coming soon to BlondeWriteMore – new serialised vampire fiction – Vampire & Single.

This story reached the top 20 in the Wattpad Vampire charts and deserves a showcase on my blog.


Sasha, 23, is a new vampire and struggling to come to terms with life. She never wanted to become a vampire.

On a second date she was bitten by Boris, a guy she hardly knew. He vanished the following day leaving her to cope alone with her terrible physical transformation.

Months later Sasha feels alone, angry and scared of turning into a monster. Her urges to drink blood are getting stronger and she struggles to keep control of her fangs.

Life for her is all about hiding the fact she has become a vampire and trying to act like a normal twenty-three year old who works in an office.

Her worst nightmare is for the human world to discover she is a vampire and lock her away.

Can the handsome silver-haired stranger Henry help her to accept what she has become and will she ever find love?

How will she cope if the world uncovers her secret?

To read an excerpt please click here.

Part one will be out Thursday 30 March 2017