Vampire & Single – Part 7 Strength #ASMSG #Vampire #Paranormal

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Welcome to my weekly series – Vampire & Single

Here is part 7:


10.13 P.M. “Let Sasha take her time,” cries Viktor, pulling Emily closer to him. She squeals with laughter, making my shoulders stiffen. 

The four vampires holding me down tighten their grip.

I am being forced to kneel beside the young man. My eyes are like heat seeking missiles, locked onto the soft, pulsating green vein in his neck. The delicious sweet smell of his blood beneath his skin teases my nostrils and encourages thick yellow fang slobber to run down the side of my mouth and plop onto his beige coat.

All I need is one bite. Just one little bite. I won’t get addicted to human blood, like Boris did. I will be different. Yes. One bite is all I need to take this terrible thirst away.

“Please…don’t…hurt…me!” stammers the young man, his body trembling with fright. I can see his stark white face, glazed with sweat. He looks at me and to my surprise an eerie silence descends upon the world. I can no longer hear Viktor and Emily laughing. The young man’s pale blue eyes grow wider as I stare at him. Something is happening between us. There is an invisible force between us as my brain has started processing information about him.

His name is Bill. He doesn’t live in London. His friend invited him down for the night and they went to the club together. Bill comes from a small seaside town on the South East coast. He can’t afford a house of his own so he lives with his mum, Janice, in a tiny cottage, perched on the top of a cliff. They have a dog called Jasper, they eat cottage pie on a Saturday, talk about Bill’s late father a lot and enjoy walks along the shore together. I can see Janice, sat waiting for Bill to come home. She has his wild red hair, blue eyes and freckled face. 

My fangs start to recede. Bill is not going to be killed or turned into a vampire tonight. I am not going to drink his blood. He will return home tomorrow to Janice and Jasper, safe and well.

I can control my thirst, I am stronger than this.

“We have all night Sasha,” shouts Viktor. “We will wait as long as it takes to watch you become one of us.”

After taking a deep breath I bow my head and close my eyes. Something hot and powerful is rising up through my body. I can feel it welling up inside of me.

I lift my head and throw it back, letting out a terrifying roar. The ground shudders and shakes beneath me. Planks of wood against the yard fencing fall to the ground, the shed rattles, Emily starts to scream and wind rushes through my hair. My roar intensifies and the four vampires holding me struggle to stay upright. They finally fall to the ground as sinister black cracks run along the concrete floor of the Builder’s Yard.

Seizing the opportunity I scoop Bill into my arms and before the vampires can stop me leap into the air.

“We…are…flying!” gasps Bill, looking below us.

I nod and direct us towards the roof of a nearby office building.

“They are coming!” he shouts with wide eyes.

I glance over my shoulder to see a giant swarm of vampires behind us. A wave of nausea crashes over me. 

“We are going to die,” shouts Bill, his body shaking against my arms.

I tighten my grip on him. “Not tonight Bill, my friend.”

He looks at me in surprise. “You know my name?”

I cast him a weak smile as Viktor’s booming voice can be heard behind us. “GET HER!” he booms.

My heart thuds in my chest and all salvia in my mouth evaporates. I have no idea how I am going to protect us against so many vampires.

I land onto the office roof with Bill in my arms. Carefully I place him on the floor. “Don’t move!” I instruct.

He cowers behind me as I turn to see Viktor and his flying army descend upon the roof.

“A silly stunt!”  Viktor shouts from the far side of the roof. “You both will pay for that.”

With clenched fists I scream, “STAY AWAY!”

He throws back his head and guffaws. “Boris failed to tame you didn’t he?”


They all step closer with eyes the colour of volcanic lava and glistening white fangs.

Viktor grins at me. “I will tame you. Don’t you worry your pretty head about that.”

I start to tremble as they slowly move in on us. Bill is muttering something at my feet. I try not to think about this being the end for both of us.

It’s then I hear it. The familiar little voice deep inside of me. It whispers “look for your light Sasha…look for your light!”

Light! My light! Blinking away hot stinging tears I stand and stare down at my chest.

Viktor and his crew get nearer. I can hear a few of the vampires joking about what Viktor is going to do to me, unimaginable things. I swallow back the taste of sick.

“We always knew you were different,” says Viktor, rubbing the patch of dark stubble on his chin. “Boris told us your blood did strange things to him. He swore to us you were special. Tonight proves he was right. I am here to tell you your little circus show is over. You will become one of us and…”. He pauses, before saying, “my slave.” A few of his men start to chuckle.

“NO!” I say, firmly, as a shaft of bright white light shoots out from my chest. Viktor and his men quickly shield their eyes.

I take a deep breath and pull back my shoulders, directing the white light at the crowd of vampires.

“Agghh!” screams one of his men and another drops to his knees, clutching his face.

Viktor falls to the floor and some of his men betray him by jumping off the side of the roof.

The light intensifies . “GO AWAY!” I command.

“My eyes are bleeding,” whimpers Viktor, rolling into a ball, as more of his men desert him.

With my arms outstretched, the beam of brilliant bright white light covers him.

He lets out a groan, crawls away, covering his face. Once he reaches the edge of the building roof he falls into the darkness. The remaining vampires fly away.

My light starts to subside and then dies.

Bill is stood behind me. “You… saved…my life,” he stammers. I turn round to face him.

The sound of a thudding helicopter can be heard in the black sky above. My heart starts to thud.

I need to get off the roof and quick!

Grabbing Bill I race towards the edge of the roof and hurl us both into the night air. He screams as I fling my arms around him. We fly down into the middle of a street, lined with houses and cars.

For a moment we stand and stare at each other under the glow of a street lamp. “Thank you,” says Bill, giving my arm a rub. “I thought I was going to die tonight.”

The wail of police sirens fill the air making me flinch. “Bill, I have to go. Say hello to Janice for me and her cottage pie recipe sounds amazing.” Bill scratches his head and gives me an odd look.

The police sirens are getting louder. My heart is now pounding in my chest. I leave Bill and race into an adjacent street.

Two car light beams sweep up the road. The car screeches to a halt beside me and a window slides down from the back. Henry’s face stares out at me. “Get in!” he orders.

I dive into the back and the car speeds away.

“Thank goodness we found you,” Henry exclaims.

I stare at him, alongside me on the back seat. “What are you doing here? You said we wouldn’t see each other again?”

He turns away and stares down at his hands. “Your light show was quite a hit with the human world. The vampire world is going into hiding.”

Through chattering teeth and whilst holding back memories of Viktor on the roof, I say, “those vampires were going to do something terrible.”

Henry hands me a pouch. “Drink this!”
As I let the velvety liquid slip down my throat I hear Henry blow the air out from his cheeks. “The vampire world has never seen a vampire like you before. We know you are a Vampire of the Light but my Order couldn’t do what you have just done. No one has ever faced up to the dark vampires like that.”

I wipe my mouth as my body starts to relax and soften. “I am just an ordinary vampire who doesn’t agree with drinking human blood!”

Henry’s dark eyebrows arch with surprise. “I wouldn’t say you were ordinary. We need to hide you and fast!” he explains.

“Hide me?” I murmur.

“You and the vampire world are now in great danger. A helicopter camera captured images of your light and you flying off the building,” he says, gripping onto the handle by the window.

“What? No please no!” I sob. This is my worst nightmare. The human world knowing about my vampire existence and my life being spent in a guarded cell like some scientific freak. Tears well up in my eyes and I start to shake.

“Hey – it’s ok.” Henry places his arm around me. I lean into him.

“Everything will be ok Sasha. I won’t let anything happen to you,” he strokes my hair.

“I don’t want to be kept in a cell!” I sob, tears streaming down my face.

Henry puts down his phone and tenderly wipes away my tears with his cold hand. I sit up and stare into his emerald-green eyes. For a second he leans in, as if he is going to kiss me. My heart breaks into a wild gallop. He stops himself and goes back to his phone whilst my cheeks burn with embarrassment. 

We sit in silence. I turn my attention to the world flashing past the window. I don’t recognise the part of London we are driving through. The houses are vast with impressive electric gates.

“Where are we going?” I ask quietly.

“To my house,” he replies. 

“It looks too posh for me,” I say, watching a smile creep onto his mouth.

Henry checks his phone again. “We picked up Bill.”

I gasp. “Is he ok?”

Henry nods. “He’s going to be placed on a train home with no memory of tonight.”

“You can do that?”

He smiles as the car swings between wrought iron gates which magically open and leads us onto a driveway, flanked by tall trees. A majestic white Georgian mansion comes into view, taking my breath away. The entrance is guarded by a magnificent clock tower.

I climb out of the car and stare in amazement. “You live here?”

He nods. “You don’t like it?”

I laugh. “You are never coming to my flat!”

Henry leads the way and we enter into a grand hall with a sweeping Oak staircase. He opens a door into a drawing-room complete with high-backed leather chairs and a vast stone fireplace.

A thin plasma TV is situated at the far side of the room. Henry flicks it on. A news channel appears. On the screen is a photo of me leaping off a building holding Bill. The news team have done a close up on my face and banner at the bottom tells me the search is on to reveal the identity of the ‘flying woman!’

This is terrible. My face is recognisable. Soon my name will be all over the press. The rest of my life will be spent being studied by scientists and under armed guard.

Henry comes to my side. “Come on Sasha,” he says soothingly, rubbing my shoulders.

“People will identify me. I will be arrested.” I sob loudly.

He places his hands on my shoulders. “I won’t let them take you, I promise!” he whispers. “Sasha you’re very special. You have to trust me. I will not let you be taken.”

“Do you mean that?” I say, “because the last time we met you said we couldn’t see each other again.”

He stays silent for a moment, holding my gaze with his captivating green eyes, “I keep breaking rules for you Sasha.”

Our heads lean in and our lips are almost brushing when he pulls away sharply.

I reach out, placing my hand on his arm.

He turns back to me. “Sasha, I am here to protect you. If I followed my feelings for you, I would lose control. You are too special.”

There will be more from Sasha next week. 

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