Do You Compare Yourself To Other Writers & More From @TerryTyler4 #Writers

This is a special day for me. One of my favourite authors – Terry Tyler has decided to guest post on BlondeWriteMore. Terry has written many books (my favourite is Best Seller BTW) and gives a lot back to the online writing community. She’s part of Rosie Amber’s book review team and shares a lot of […]

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The Hidden Benefits of Writing Whilst Emotional #SundayBlogShare #Writers

writing, emotion

  Once you try writing whilst emotional (weeping / sobbing / on the brink of crying / blinking away tears) you will discover a number of hidden benefits. I stumbled upon this crazy badass writer technique whilst writing my debut novel. My first chapter makes me cry. No BWM readers – its not because my […]

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Useful People Watching Tips For Writers #AmWriting #Writers #Writing

I LOVE people watching. It helps if you are either naturally nosey or you were the odd kid at the back of the class, in school, who sat staring at all the popular kids. Sometimes I don’t think we appreciate how cool it is to be a writer. With ‘must do activities’ such as spying on people […]

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Why You Should Trust Your Writer’s Intuition #AmWriting


‘Say yes to the small inklings of interest and curiosity that present themselves each day’. Lynn A. Robinson. Inside of us we all have: An inner editor / critic – takes the form of a loud voice inside your head. They can be obsessive, sometimes cruel, occasionally obnoxious and they will always claim they have […]

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Author Interviews @SueAuthor #Author #Writers #WeekendBlogShare

  Welcome to my weekly blog series – Author Interviews.  Each week I get to interview an amazing author on what it was like for them to write their book and the challenges they overcame. I also get to glean some useful writing tips and find out what authors are wearing these days whilst they […]

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20 Great Writing Tips From 20 Authors #Writingtips #Writer #WeekendBlogShare


These are great tips from people who have actually written books. They have all experienced the many challenges that come from writing a novel and have come out the other side …smiling and proudly clutching their beloved book.  Sigh! So, here are 20 writing tips from the first 20 authors interviewed as part of my […]

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