The 5 Stages of ‘I Have Got To Keep Going!’ #SocialSaturday #AmWriting 

  There are some creative projects which bring you to your knees, force you to question your motives, present you with obstacles and make you want to run away. I am trying to tell myself that these are special projects and perhaps I should view them as gifts….that keep on giving! Sigh! There are 5 […]

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The Hidden Benefits of Writing Whilst Emotional #SundayBlogShare #Writers

writing, emotion

  Once you try writing whilst emotional (weeping / sobbing / on the brink of crying / blinking away tears) you will discover a number of hidden benefits. I stumbled upon this crazy badass writer technique whilst writing my debut novel. My first chapter makes me cry. No BWM readers – its not because my […]

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Highs & Lows of Not Planning Your Draft Novel #writers #writing

A pantser is a writer who writes through the unknown, which means they don’t plan or plot anything. They just sit down and write whatever comes into their head. The opposite to a pantser is a plotter. This writer likes control and they like to know where they are going with a story. They plot and […]

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The Blonde Creative Agony Aunt #writerslife #writers #comedy

  When I am not writing my debut novel I like to transform into a Creative Agony Aunt. I like to help troubled writers resolve matters of the heart. My qualifications for being a ‘Creative Agony Aunt’ are: I like to talk a lot. I like to give advice on things which I don’t know […]

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How Alice in Wonderland Quotes Can Apply To Writers #Writers #Writer


You will be amazed at how some of the quotes from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland can apply to writers and their creative life.  “It’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then”  – as writers we dive in and out of character’s minds, have a daily love / hate […]

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Are You A Plot Twist Thrill Seeker? #Bookish #BookWorms #PlotTwist


Are you a Plot Twist Thrill Seeker?  Do you crave the rush of excitement and adrenalin from a good plot twist? Do you regard yourself as a wild and crazy reader? Check out the signs below and see whether you are a Plot Twist Thrill Seeker: You are a literary thrill seeker. Books give you […]

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How To Survive The ‘I Hate My Writing!’ Mood #writers #writer

  In my experience the ‘I hate my writing!’ mood follows, what we in the trade call, a creative high. Those euphoric feelings which come with a creative high disappear and your mood sinks quickly like a lead balloon. One day you are leaping for joy after reading what you have written and the next day you […]

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Author Interviews @geofflepard #author #writers

Welcome to my weekly slot – Author Interviews. This is where I look at the person behind the novel and gain some valuable insight on being a writer. This week I am very excited (air punching) as author and blogger Geoff Le Pard is sat in my red chair.  If you have not checked out […]

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The Writing Club #writers #comedy #writer

The writing club members are seated at their table in Alfie’s Coffee Shop. Tina, the thriller writer, is unusually excited for a Writing Club night. Her sparkling eyes and huge grin catch everyone’s attention. ‘Do you want to go first with your update Tina?’ asks Matt, the Writing Club leader. Tina lets out a little squeal […]

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