How To Survive The ‘I Hate My Writing!’ Mood #writers #writer



In my experience the ‘I hate my writing!’ mood follows, what we in the trade call, a creative high.

Those euphoric feelings which come with a creative high disappear and your mood sinks quickly like a lead balloon. One day you are leaping for joy after reading what you have written and the next day you find yourself hating every single word. Not only that but you loathe being a writer and the thought of your literary dream just makes you want to go stick pins in your eyes.

This is a tough mood to endure as it can lead to other things:

  • You screaming ‘I QUIT!’
  • Deleting your work.
  • Loud sobbing
  • A social media outburst where you tweet and pin out your anger.
  • A raid of the chocolate cupboard.
  • An early glass of wine.
  • Crying in the bath.
  • A cheese and biscuit binge.
  • A tiff with a loved one.

Here are some handy tips on how to survive the ‘I hate my writing!’ mood:

  1. Step away from your writing with hands raised. Don’t you reach out for that delete button! Leave it! Go do something else. You need a break from it.
  2. Get some fresh air. I find that a walk in the fresh air can sort out a host of life issues.
  3. Have a nap. A lie down can sort out most issues in life too! Hug your favourite teddy bear and drift off.
  4. Have a cup of tea. My mother swears that a cup of tea will help ease any life frustration.
  5. Relax – producing creative crap is a good thing! Read my post from earlier this week.
  6. The hatred will pass. It might take time (can vary from writer to writer) but it will pass.
  7. Try not to start writing something else. I find doing this makes it harder to return to the draft you hate.
  8. Write an email to a writer friend. Tell a writer friend about how much you hate your writing. Don’t send it as it won’t be a pleasurable read for your friend and it will probably be jam packed full of naughty words. Hating writing sometimes brings on these sorts of words. Don’t spoil that sweet and innocent image that your writer friend has of you with your outpouring of rude phrases about how much you dislike your writing. Keep the mystery alive for them! Sigh! The act of writing out your frustration  will help ease those tense feelings.
  9. You are not alone. We all go through this. Just think somewhere  out there in the universe there is another writer like you angrily pummelling a sofa cushion whilst muttering “I hate my writing so much today!”

Take it easy writers!

Have a fabulous day!

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Lucy Mitchell lives in South Wales with her husband, her two teenage daughters, a giant labrador and a gang of unruly cats. Lucy is the author of the award winning blog, BlondeWriteMore and was a Featured Romance Author on Wattpad. When she’s not working or writing, Lucy can be found listening to audiobooks in a muddy field with her dog or sat outside her local pub in the sunshine enjoying a glass of wine. Her debut novel Instructions Falling In Love Again is OUT now and already pulling in some fabulous reviews ❤️

38 thoughts on “How To Survive The ‘I Hate My Writing!’ Mood #writers #writer

  1. Yes, those euphoric highs when I feel inspired and quickly put pen to paper to capture the profound twisting of clever phrases, thoughts, and ideas only to revisit later and think…I HATE THIS..How could I think it wonderful? Then, self-doubt creeps in…What if all of my writing is this awful and I think it well composed? Oh…to suffer for one’s art..

  2. You forgot to thank Tina for today’s guest post.

    Seriously, though, when that happens to me it simply means it’s time for a break, and that I’ve been forcing the story. Learning that I can’t force the story (or it will feel, well, forced), was one of my greatest writing lessons. Sadly, it’s one that only comes with experience, and flies in the face of all those “write every day” writing tips.

  3. Definitely chocolate. Chocolate is one of the true and basic food groups.
    Off-The-Wall-Addition (Health Warning: WbH’s failure rate is astronomical)-
    (1) Look any letters/msgs of rejection you have not deleted, shredded, burnt or otherwise disposed of. Say to yourself ‘Ha! What do they know!!’
    (2) Seek out a professional critic’s hostile review to your favourite book- say again ‘HA! (louder this time). What do they know!!” (expletive can be added if chosen).
    (3) Then take time out to eat more chocolate, outside.
    (4) Do something else you like for the rest of the day, or until your writing ‘thing ‘starts to twitch
    (5) Repeat steps (1) & (2) – as many times as you wish, until you reach the stage of wanting to break household objects- then stop and have more chocolate- with the brew of your choice.
    Re-energised with righteous affirmation of your own abilities return to the noble struggle…

  4. My husband normally just smiles and shakes his head when I have one of those days. Which has led to ‘A tiff with a loved one.’ Now I realize, what he has long ago, that the ‘I Hate My Writing’ mood will pass with a good cup of tea.

    Your post hit it right on the nose! Thanks for sharing so we know we aren’t alone. 🤓

  5. Guilty of number 7. I might have a completed my current draft in process if it weren’t for the fact that I decided to pick up a new ‘shinier’ storyline to play with.

  6. Yep, I’ve been here many times. Some days it all just seems like rubbish. :/ But your past pint is the best one, I think. Remember you are not alone! We’re our own biggest critics. 🙂

    Happy Sunday.

  7. Hello self-doubt, my old friend. I’ve come to talk with you again . . . Okay, so I stole that from Simon & Garfunkel! I actually didn’t know ’til about the last year that there’s a name for this; impostor syndrome, it’s sometimes called. I think, to be earnest for once and not jokey, you dispel it by doing a lot of what you suggest, Lucy. I honestly do. You leave the writing, do something pleasurable (for me, I like to do complementary creative things that I know, from experience, lead me back to the ‘fire in the belly’ to write—that could be anything from photography to hiking to reading or blog-commenting!), and come back to it with a fresh mind, so to speak. Everyone gets a bad review, at least from time to time. Even Shakespeare! So, if “I hate my writing” stems from something external, that’s almost easier to surmount than the inner turmoil. The inner turmoil can be stilled, as I said, I think by doing what you suggest, tongue-in-cheek! And, guess what, you might still ‘hate’ your writing even when published or award-winning. Flaubert compared his writing to a violinist who hears something in her head but her hands can’t make it true to the tune and original vision. So, in a somewhat dumb marketing phrase, ‘just do it’! If you enjoy it, keep writing, and damn the torpedoes! Something like pleasure must motivate even the maligned—like E.L. James—at least one would suppose so . . .

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