Why You Should Consider Writing A Trilogy #SundayBlogShare #Writers @tonyriches

Why Your Should Consider Writing A

When medieval historical fiction author Tony Riches contacted me to say that he had a fab guest blog post up his sleeve I was over the moon.

When I read his guest blog post I felt like one of my big writing related questions had been answered. The question being – why should you consider writing a trilogy?

Prior to Tony’s guest post, I spent a lot of time thinking about why you should consider writing a trilogy. I came up with the following points:

  • You should write a trilogy if you secretly crave literary pain. Writing one book won’t come close to satisfying your literary pain needs, so you need to write three in quick succession to get your fix. 
  • You should write a trilogy if you can’t think of a way to end your story and you strongly believe that come the end of writing the third book you will have figured it out. 
  • You should write a trilogy if you have fallen madly in love with one of your characters and can’t bear to be parted from them. Writing a story about your crush and spanning it over three books might help you get this fictional love interest out of your system. Your readers might not share your love for this character but that’s low level detail. 
  • You should write a trilogy if you have an attention seeking diva of a main character who demands a bigger world stage. Give them a trilogy and watch their power hungry eyes light up! 

To my surprise Tony has come up with a different set of reasons to me. 

Check out this great post below. 

Take it away Tony!

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28 Things You Don’t Need To Worry About When You Write A First Draft #MondayBlogs #Writers


things you start doing a lot more of-4

Once you have written a few first drafts you realise there are some things you don’t need to waste valuable time and energy worrying about. The first stage is simply an outpouring of words onto a page. Nothing else.

Here is a list of 28 things you don’t need to worry about whilst writing your first draft.
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10 Writer Learnings From The London Book Fair 2017 #WritersLife #LBF17 #Writer

Things I took away from

This week I attended the London Book Fair 2017 and wanted to do a post to share my writer learnings from the event.

Apologies to those expecting the next part of my series Heaven Calling. It will be back next week.

I have never attended the London Book Fair before so I didn’t really know what to expect.

Here are my learnings.

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Author Interviews – Heena Rathore P. @rathoreheena #AmWriting #Writer

Author Interviews-2

Welcome to my weekly blog series – Author Interviews. 

These interviews allow me to delve into the creative world of an author. Over a virtual cuppa and a biscuit we talk about their literary journey, the obstacles they faced whilst writing their book and most importantly the outfit they wear whilst writing.

This week I am pleased to announce that I have been joined by author and book reviewer Heena Rathore P.

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Author Interviews -Allie Potts @alliepottswrite #AmWriting #Writer

Author Interviews-2

Welcome to my weekly blog series – Author Interviews.

Every Saturday I get to interview inspiring authors who let me into their creative world. I get to hear how they overcame tough literary challenges, the highlights from their book writing journey and their answer to the big literary question –  what do they wear whilst working on their literary masterpieces?

This week I am joined by author and blogger Allie Potts. She describes herself as a ‘writer, geek and a constant self improver.’  I read her book ‘An Uncertain Faith’ last year and struggled to put it down, so she has been on my author hit list for sometime.

I do love Allie’s Twitter profile which reads ‘my Twitter activity may sometimes seem all over the place, but that is just how my mind works.’  This reminds me of how I approach Twitter.

Please welcome Allie Potts!

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How To Survive Naming Your Characters #Writers #AmWriting


Naming characters is hard and there are painful consequences if you get it wrong. If you have ever written 70k + words with a character who has an irritating name, you will know where I am coming from on this.

Here are some things you need to know before you start the naming process:

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Author Interviews @Sam_Carrington1 #Author #WeekendBlogShare


Welcome to my weekly blog series – Author Interviews. 

I love this series!  Saturdays got a LOT better for me once I started interviewing some interesting and inspirational authors, over a virtual cuppa and biscuit.

This series is all about spreading writer love!  It is about sharing literary journeys, writer learnings and author experiences. Speaking of sharing, this week I found a great quote which sums up what I am trying to do, on a Saturday, in my tiny blonde corner of the World Wide Web.

“Authors have to help each other out. It isn’t a competition; we’re all holding hands to cross the street here.”
― Marie Krepps

This week I am bubbling with literary excitement, as I am interviewing thriller author Sam Carrington!  I have just read the prologue of her book Saving Sophie and I think I am going to have to clear my hectic social schedule.

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Author Interviews John W. Howell @HowellWave #Writer #WeekendBlogShare



Welcome to my weekly blog series – Author Interviews. 

I love Saturdays because I get to interview an inspirational author and talk about being a writer. I delve into their writing life, find out about the obstacles they have overcome and their motivations for writing their books. Sometimes we have a giggle and sometimes they leave me speechless (usually mid-biscuit dunk).

Today I am bubbling with literary excitement as author and blogger John W. Howell has agreed to let me interview him. John is the author of the John Cannon Thriller Trilogy and he occasionally pops by my blog. He always makes me smile with his comments so I am really excited to interview him.

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Useful People Watching Tips For Writers #AmWriting #Writers #Writing



I LOVE people watching. It helps if you are either naturally nosey or you were the odd kid at the back of the class, in school, who sat staring at all the popular kids.

Sometimes I don’t think we appreciate how cool it is to be a writer. With ‘must do activities’ such as spying on people life is NEVER dull for us writers!  Choosing to lead a fun-filled creative life was one of the main reasons why I woke up one morning, a few years ago, with a big smile on my face and cried “I am going to become a writer!”  This passion of mine means I get to write nonsense, undertake some interesting Google searches, laugh at my own jokes, talk to imaginary folk and do hours of curtain twitching.

I am sure you can all imagine my excitement when I decided to write a post about all my people watching hints and tips!

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Why Writers Need to Learn How To Heal Themselves From Emotional Pain #MondayBlogs #Writers



A troubling and painful period of Writer’s Block has made me realise how important it is for writers to learn how to heal themselves from emotional pain…and to repeat this process again and again.

This latest episode of Writer’s Block has been distressing and has led to me falling behind with my second draft. In recent weeks I have come so close to walking away from my beloved second draft. Every time I sat down to write nothing happened or if it did things would end quickly in tears. Frustrating and soul-destroying.

However something deep inside stopped me from ditching my story. I knew I had to find a way of healing my creative self or I would be stuck in this tortuous state for the rest of eternity.

Our writing lives are at times joyful and heavenly, but they are also fraught with creative emotional pain and suffering. We go through continual phases of hating our writing, dealing with writer jealousy, working through rejection, failure and feeling a million years away from our writing dreams. The important thing to remember is that all this emotional pain unfortunately goes with the territory of being a writer. It’s all part of the fun.

I am starting to see that literary success comes from learning how to heal yourself after an episode of creative emotional pain. In view of the time I have wasted fretting about my Writer’s Block – the quicker the healing process the better!

If we don’t do something to kickstart the healing process our projects won’t evolve and our dreams will never get fulfilled.

Here are the things I have found useful in healing myself from creative emotional pain:

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