Different Blogger Reactions to Winning an Award #BloggersBash #bloggers

Picture this. You are at the Annual Bloggers Bash Awards waiting to hear whether you have won an award. After weeks of campaigning for votes you are broken and a shadow  of your former self. Added to this, the cruel committee members have left your category to the end of the awards ceremony – as […]

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When Should You Disturb a Blogger? #BloggingGals #writer #Bloggers


If loved ones choose the wrong time to disturb their blogger they could face a… Growl Snap Sarcastic comment Huge huffing and puffing fit Blog post written about them.  For noting the loved ones of writers also run the risk of being baked into the writer’s novel, if they disturb and annoy them at a […]

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Similarities Between Blogs & Houses… #MondayBlogs #MondayBlogShare

#Blogs #Blogging

Blogs are like houses… Everyone likes a nice looking house. Some of us stop and gaze longingly at pretty houses, whilst nudging a loved one and murmuring “I wish my house looked like that!” Everyone likes a nice looking blog too. Some of us stop and gaze longingly at an attractive blog. We might give […]

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How To Deal With Blog Envy #BloggingGals #bloggers #writers

#Blogging #envy

Blog envy can hit at anytime. Whilst browsing through your blog reader you will come across a blog which catches your eye and makes you gasp. You will click-through into this blog and be greeted with the blogging equivalent of a work of art. There in front of your eyes will be a beautiful looking blog […]

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Similarities Between Blogging & Girlie Nights Out #BloggingGals #bloggers

#blogging #girlsonthetown #girliesnightout #girlsnightout

Here are some similarities between blogging and girlie nights out: 1. You want to make a visual impact on a girls night out and you also want to do the same with a blog post too. To make that visual impact on a girls night out you might squeeze yourself into a glitzy party frock, apply some […]

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How To Bore Someone Silly About Blogging #blogger #blogging 


Not everyone is as excited about blogging as you are. It’s a hard lesson to learn especially when you are a blonde writer blogger struggling to contain her blogging excitement. I have been experiencing a lot of yawns lately when I try to open a conversation on blogging with someone who doesn’t blog / knows […]

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