How To Tell You Have A Blogger Crush #BloggingGals #bbloggers #UKBlog_RT

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This is a similar condition to an Author Crush.  There are some bloggers out there who you connect with in a big way. Their blog is like a second virtual home to you. In your eyes they will never serve you up a ‘dud’ blog post.

Here are the signs that you have a blogger crush:

  1. You say things like “my goodness look at [blogger’s name]’s fine Canva skills!” and  “[enter blogger’s name] has some beautiful fonts!”
  2.  You find yourself waiting for them to post.
  3.  You think they have amazing taste in blog themes.
  4.  You are connected to this blogger across all forms of social media.
  5.  You are usually the first to comment on their blog posts.
  6.  You tweet them in the hope that one day they will tweet back and realise that you are the little blogger who comments regularly on their posts.
  7. You don’t mind if they don’t reply to your comments on their blog post. They are probably creating a wonderful blog post or doing something amazing on YouTube.
  8. You try to replicate their blogging style but you don’t get the same response.
  9. Their blog is so beautiful and inspiring that it takes your breath away when you see it.
  10. You know the names of all their pets.
  11. When this blogger announces they are starting a YouTube channel you cancel your loved one’s TV box set night evening and force them to watch your beloved blogger talk about makeup techniques, morning rituals and vegetable smoothies good for the bowels.
  12. You go to meet them in person at a festival. You don’t get to meet your beloved blogger because they are too busy talking to other fans but all is not lost because you persuade their sister to join you in a selfie taking frenzy. (True story!)
  13. You live in hope that one day they might come and visit your blog.


All the best with those blogging crushes!

Have a fabulous day!

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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

37 thoughts on “How To Tell You Have A Blogger Crush #BloggingGals #bbloggers #UKBlog_RT

      1. You are welcome! That was a VERY fun blog! Oh, wait,no, I had better NOT say that! You might think I have a “Blogger Crush”! 😀

      2. Many blue eyes, too, though mine are some odd color that is labelled “hazel.” (Actually, I have those kind of eyes that change with my mood. Makes playing poker impossible. 🙂 )

      3. There must be a novel (or at least a short story) hidden in this thread somewhere. Something a bit similar to “Legally Blonde” sort of. Hey, that gives me an idea for a re-write (I give away a TON of ideas): “Sleepless in Seattle” re-written as a blogger story (or something similar). I bet it could be a hit!

  1. I felt this way, especially in the beginning. I envied those successful bloggers, with pomp and flourish, and thousands of followers. But then, I committed to answering every comment, and it can be exhausting to keep up…so. I’ll take my more “intimate” blog, the interactive dialogue, and a modest group of followers, all of whom I love. ❤️ 💛 💙 💜

  2. Would stalking said blogger still be considered a crush or would that be crossing some kind of boundary?

    Just checking…I need an excuse when I get caught.

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