Meeting Your Online Blogging Friend In Real Life – The Key Stages #MondayBlogs #BloggingGals


You can build some great connections online with other bloggers. With some blogging connections it can feel like you have found your online Best Friend Forever (BFF), even though you’ve never actually met face to face.

Meeting your online BFF in real life can get a little crazy.

As I have met most of my online blogging friends at blogging events, I have used this scenario – the blogging event (conference or awards ceremony) to show you the key stages.

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25 Things You Don’t See When You Read a Blog Post #Bloggers #BloggingGals #Writer


My recent post titled 35 Things You Don’t See When You Buy a Book proved popular, so I thought I would see if I could come up with a similar list for blog posts.

A lot of time, effort and creative suffering can go into the production of a blog post, which sadly the blog reader doesn’t get to see.

So, here are the things you don’t see when you read a blog post.

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28 Reasons Why A Writer Might Be Having A Sleepless Night #Writer #AmWriting


There are so many reasons why a writer might be having a sleepless night:

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How Blogging Daily For One Year Has Changed My Life #MondayBlogs #BloggingGals

How Blogging Daily For One Year Changed My Life

This time last year I thought it would be a good idea to blog every day for twelve months.

I wanted to know whether it would do anything to my writing or give me some direction in my creative life. Last year I had just finished writing a bad thriller novel and wasn’t feeling the literary love.

If I now look back at myself I can’t believe how far I have come and what I have achieved. I put a lot of this down to daily blogging.

Here are the things that I have learnt as a result of daily blogging:

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Best Places to Write a Blog Post #BloggingGals #writing #writers


Best Places to Write a Blog Post

Blog posts can be quick and easy to write.

Due to technology you can whip up a post almost anywhere. 

Here are some of my best places to write a blog post:

For the killer / viral potential blog post:

  • In the bath. I have some written some real gems whilst having a soak. All my popular posts were written in the bath! In my experience the more bubbles and rubber ducks the better!
  • In the kitchen whilst cooking tea. The meal hasn’t turned out great but my viewing figures have definitely made up for the culinary disaster. I like to cook and tap out a post at the same time. 

For the emotional blog post:

  • In a bookshop. I am always close to tears in a bookshop. Any posts that I write, after standing staring at the shelf where my future book will eventually go, will be jam packed with emotion.
  • On the sofa post a tear jerker of a romantic film. I wipe away my tears and tell my loved one to pass me my phone quick. In a matter of minutes I have typed out something which will tug on my reader’s heart strings.

For the wild and whacky post:

  • In bed. Shortly after waking or in the early hours of the morning. These posts always make me see things differently!

For the intellectual post:

  • In a museum or art gallery. I must say I haven’t done many of these. I know this will surprise some of you πŸ™‚

For the sociable and chatty post:

  • In a coffee shop. Make sure you have a strong coffee to hand.
  • On the beach. It’s surprising what you can come up with whilst lying on a beach towel, looking around and being grateful for stopping yourself from wearing that string bikini!

For the deep and reflective post:

  • On a hill. Sat on top of a hill looking out across the world can bring on all sorts of meaningful posts.

For the fun and crazy post:

  • In a bar post a delicious cocktail. My goodness this will bring on some interesting thoughts which you will be desperate to share with your readers!  Please note: one cocktail and your blog post will be bright and breezy. Writing a post after several cocktails is a totally different experience (and one to avoid if possible…)

Other places to consider writing a blog post:

  • In a car park.
  • In the vets waiting room.
  • At a station waiting for a train.
  • At an airport.
  • On a plane.
  • Whilst walking to work.
  • In a supermarket whilst pushing the trolley. I find that I get a lot of my blog post ideas in the frozen food section.

Have fun writing those blog posts!

Please let me know your favourite place to write a blog post? 

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13 Signs of a Blogger Crush #BloggingGals #bbloggers #UKBlog_RT

Signs of a Blogger Crush

This is a similar condition to an Author Crush.  There are some bloggers out there who you connect with in a big way. Their blog is like a second virtual home to you. In your eyes they will never serve you up a ‘dud’ blog post.

Here are the signs that you have a blogger crush:

  1. You say things like “my goodness look at [blogger’s name]’s fine Canva skills!” and  “[enter blogger’s name] has some beautiful fonts!”
  2.  You find yourself waiting for them to post.
  3.  You think they have amazing taste in blog themes.
  4.  You are connected to this blogger across all forms of social media.
  5.  You are usually the first to comment on their blog posts.
  6.  You tweet them in the hope that one day they will tweet back and realise that you are the little blogger who comments regularly on their posts.
  7. You don’t mind if they don’t reply to your comments on their blog post. They are probably creating a wonderful blog post or doing something amazing on YouTube.
  8. You try to replicate their blogging style but you don’t get the same response.
  9. Their blog is so beautiful and inspiring that it takes your breath away when you see it.
  10. You know the names of all their pets.
  11. When this blogger announces they are starting a YouTube channel you cancel your loved one’s TV boxset night evening and force them to watch your beloved blogger talk about makeup techniques, morning rituals and vegetable smoothies good for the bowels.
  12. You go to meet them in person at a festival. You don’t get to meet your beloved blogger because they are too busy talking to other fans but all is not lost because you persaude their sister to join you in a selfie taking frenzy. (True story!)
  13. You live in hope that one day they might come and visit your blog.


All the best with those blogging crushes!

Have a fabulous day!

Photo: Upsplash.

Different Blogger Reactions to Winning an Award #BloggersBash #bloggers

Different Blogger Reactions to Winning an Award

Picture this. You are at the Annual Bloggers Bash Awards waiting to hear whether you have won an award.

After weeks of campaigning for votes you are broken and a shadow  of your former self.

Added to this, the cruel committee members have left your category to the end of the awards ceremony – as if you need more pain inflicted upon you! 

You check your competition one last time. They are all great bloggers! Cue sinking feeling. 

You know that you struggle to contain your emotions on a daily basis. Those self help books better pay off!  

“Must not let my emotions run away with me!” you whimper. “Must keep up the image of being….all there mentally!”

Nerves and emotion build inside you as the Committee members announce the results of the votes in your category. 

Your heart pounds in your chest, your mouth runs dry and a nervous blogger next to you squeezes your clammy hand.

When the committee members reveal that you are the winner – how do you react?

I was lucky enough to be at the Annual Bloggers Bash Awards 2016 at the weekend and there were some different reactions from winning bloggers.

  1. The Cool as a Cucumber Blogger. The news of your victory does not faze you. With the hint of a smile you walk calmly to the front to collect your prize.
  2. The Grinning Blogger. The news of your victory brings a huge grin to your face. You bound up to the front and maybe raise a hand to your applauding fans.
  3. The Delighted Blogger. With a hop, skip and a jump you race up to the front and hug every committee member on the stage before accepting your prize.
  4. The Air Punch Blogger. You leap up from your seat and roar ‘YESSSSSS!’ This is quickly followed by some rapid air punches. Unable to contain yourself you charge up to the front (air punching as you go). You snatch the prize from the shocked looking committee member and race back to your corner, still air punching. Once seated another blogger has to quietly tell you to stop air punching.


I will let you decide on how I reacted to the news that I had won Funniest Blogger.

Think about how calm and collected I am on this blog! Sigh! 

Thank you for all your support. I have been blessed with some great readers and followers. 

Photo Credit: Seth Doyle via Unsplash

Similarities Between Blogs & Coffee Shops #MondayBlogs #BloggingGals #coffee

Blogs &amp; Coffee Shops

Blogs are like coffee shops for the following reasons:

  1. Your blog is like the coffee shop. It’s a warm and friendly place where people come on a regular basis to socialise, read or just hang out.
  2. Your blog posts are like coffee. Once a customer has consumed one of your posts they might get a rush of creative inspiration, erupt into a fit of giggles, get a warm glow, say something profound or just go quiet on you.
  3. A coffee shop is where you can bump into friends and acquaintances. A blog is similar in that you can spot virtual friends and acquaintances hanging out too…in the comments box.
  4. Coffee shop owners can look a little harassed if the coffee shop gets busy, the coffee machine goes on the blink and customers start complaining about a sour taste to their drink. Blog owners can also get a sweaty brow when Twitter is busy, readers start to leave comments about links not working and some bright spark spots a typo!
  5. All coffee shops have a different feel to them; some are quiet and tranquil whilst others are lively and buzzing. The same goes for blogs. Some are peaceful and relaxing whilst some are just hip and rocking!
  6. It takes skill and finesse to whip up a good cup of coffee. A good barista will make lots of quick hand movements and have a look of intense concentration. It is the same for a good blog post, it takes a lot of expertise, some rapid hand movements (adding images, links, hashtags, checking spelling) and a look of intense concentration.
  7. The coffee shop owner goes through their takings at the end of the day and they will go though a range emotions; joy – if the business is good, happy – if the business is average and pain if the business is down. As a blogger you also go through a range of emotions as you scrutinise your takings – your blog stats! There will be mild hysteria Β if your blog stats are up, relief if they are average and intense suffering if they are down.
  8. Coffee shops attract writers and so do blogs.
  9. Coffee shop owners like customers who tip. Bloggers like readers who click like. Both are little signs of appreciation.

Have a wonderful day and make sure you stop by some blogs today!

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When Should You Disturb a Blogger? #BloggingGals #writer #Bloggers


This is a question which must bug the hell out of the loved ones of bloggers. I am so glad I am covering this vital subject.

If loved ones choose the wrong time to disturb their blogger they could face:

  • A growl
  • A snap
  • A sarcastic comment
  • A huge huffing and puffing fit
  • A blog post written about them. Β For noting the loved ones of writers also run the risk of being baked into the writer’s novel, if they disturb and annoy them at a critical time. However novels take months to write and the writer will probably forget and delete at editing. With a blogger they simply press publish and smile sweetly.

Here are some situations when it is NOT advisable for a loved one to disturb a blogger:

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37 Reasons Why A Writer Starts A Blog #writers #SundayBlogShare



Ever wondered what possesses a writer to start a blog?Β I mean haven’t writers got enough on their literary plates – do they really need the extra creative pressures from blogging?

You will be surprised.Β Check out 37 reasons below:

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