Similarities Between Blogs & Houses… #MondayBlogs #MondayBlogShare

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Blogs are like houses…

  1. Everyone likes a nice looking house. Some of us stop and gaze longingly at pretty houses, whilst nudging a loved one and murmuring “I wish my house looked like that!” Everyone likes a nice looking blog too. Some of us stop and gaze longingly at an attractive blog. We might give a blogging friend a virtual nudge by sending them a link saying “I wish my blog looked like that!”
  2. Some houses have a warm and welcoming feel to them as you enter. The inhabitants welcome you in, the decor is pleasing on the eye, there is a delicious smell of fresh coffee and you find yourself sighing with contentment as you plonk yourself down on a chair. You instantly feel at home and struggle to leave. Blogs can have a warm and welcoming feel too. The blog author ushers you in with welcoming comments. They have a visually pleasing blog theme, thought-provoking and interesting posts. You feel like you have found your virtual home. You can struggle to leave a good blog too.
  3. Houses have different rooms which you can wander around. Blogs have different pages or sections and these are like virtual rooms, offering you something different in each one.
  4. People pop round to your house, have a cup of tea / coffee, drink out of your posh cups, nibble on your homemade cookies and natter away about life. People pop round to your blog too. They check out your latest post, admire your Canva skills, delve into a couple of your old posts and natter away about virtual life in your comments box.
  5. Houses can get untidy and chaotic (made worse when one of the occupants is a writer who spends a lot of her time telling her loved one that housework dulls her creative mind…sigh!). Blogs can get untidy and chaotic too. Sometimes old blog posts  start to look a bit dreary and navigating your way around your own blog feels similar to entering a teenager’s messy bedroom.
  6. Sometimes when we go round other people’s houses we find ourselves comparing their taste in decor, furniture, curtains, range of interesting and artistic ornaments, style of kitchen, bathrooms, garden size to our own. The same happens when we go visiting other blogs. We start to compare the look and feel of the theme, the images, the style of blog posts and the number of followers, likes, comments and the range of social media buttons…to our own. Sigh!
  7. Some people get house proud about their abode. They spend their time decorating, adding on extensions, revamping the kitchen and changing their room colour schemes. Some bloggers get blog proud about their virtual residence. They spend their time changing the theme, adding new pages and updating images.
  8. Houses have door bells to let the occupants know they have a visitor. Blogs have notifications to let the blogger know they too have a visitor.
  9. When you get a new neighbour in your street it is nice to go introduce yourself and perhaps whip up some homemade cakes (or buy them from the supermarket and pass them off as your own! Sigh!). When a new blogger appears on your reader it is nice to go introduce yourself and perhaps give them a virtual treat – tweet them, follow them or even like one of their posts!

Have a fabulous day sprucing up your virtual homes my blogging friends!

I will be round later for a cup of virtual tea!

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Lucy Mitchell lives in South Wales with her husband, her two teenage daughters, a giant labrador and a gang of unruly cats. Lucy is the author of the award winning blog, BlondeWriteMore and was a Featured Romance Author on Wattpad. When she’s not working or writing, Lucy can be found listening to audiobooks in a muddy field with her dog or sat outside her local pub in the sunshine enjoying a glass of wine. Her debut novel Instructions Falling In Love Again is OUT now and already pulling in some fabulous reviews ❤️

70 thoughts on “Similarities Between Blogs & Houses… #MondayBlogs #MondayBlogShare

  1. Brilliantly put, some houses are occupied by newly weds learning about life and taste, so don’t get it right first off. Some are just non do it your selfers who don’t know where to buy paint or how to post an invite to their own party. Some bloggers are learning, they are virgins (link to newly weds) and as such get things mixed up, need to find out what is a ping back and how to implement one, what is a blog party… do they need a new dress wine or cake. Your right just like houses we need to know things to make them nice.
    Still learning.

  2. You know I love visiting your blog – it’s a lot like mine, that welcoming place where things aren’t necessarily pristine and you don’t feel afarin to wander in in case the place get untify 😉
    Our blogs are places of creation although mine is more random than your perhaps and you have humour all around.
    There’s something you missed though – sometimes you know someone well and have a good friendship so much so that they offer to help you with any sprucing up work if you want it! 🙂
    Have an amazing Monday Lucy! (sigh)

      1. Thanks Lucy, I appreciate that, I gave it another facelift last week… Yours looks great too, but if you wanted to spruce it up I can help. ☺☺☺☺

      2. All I did was find a way to edit images, a free program called gimp will do, I also used PowerPoint. I’ve made the headers and exported the images. If that’s what you want to do that’s an easy one.
        But it depends what you want, what’s the look? that you want

      3. OK, have a look for something you like and we can go from there. On your page do you want to stick with white or go a different colour or an image.
        Think like you, you’re awesome and people should get that from the look. They do anyway, but let’s see if we can wow. How’s that sound?

      4. I’m sure we can. Do you know Morgan of rose quartz? Have a look at her blog. There are others about too… I would love to help wow your blog.

      5. Lol… I thought you might. You want a logo, not necessarily a kitty logo but something like it? What would be a good starting point?

      6. OK, let!e help. I’ll find the package to make the logo and I can send you a modified version of what I use to make the background image. Then you can cut and paste lol

  3. You made some good points. When I started my blog, I played around with my theme a lot. I settled on one, thinking it was perfect. Later on, I noticed there were some things I didn’t like. So, I chose a different theme, removed my tag line, and played around with widgets. It took some time, but I found a theme that worked best for me. I couldn’t be happier, until something better comes along.

      1. I just read more of your pieces and see your large number of followers. Wow. I cannot imagine. Mine number around 200 on WP and many hundred more on Facebook. How can you keep up with reading your follower’s posts and commenting and replying so quickly like you did? I’m trying to blog a book and spend so much time reading and replying that my writing time has gone down dramatically over the past few years. Also, how in the world do you get such a large following. I’d love to have that before publishing a book. I’ll likely self-publish something Erma Bombeckish someday. Or something medical, or on parenting multiples or…

      2. I don’t know lol! Only a small number of followers stay active so I make sure I keep up with their blogs. I only publish on Sunday, Monday and Thursday which helps. It’s just years of hard work. At the moment I am trying to finish writing my book so I can relate to your comment. Happy Sunday!

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