20 Great Writing Tips From 20 Authors #Writingtips #Writer #WeekendBlogShare


These are great tips from people who have actually written books. They have all experienced the many challenges that come from writing a novel and have come out the other side …smiling and proudly clutching their beloved book. Β Sigh! So, here are 20 writing tips from the first 20 authors interviewed as part of my […]

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Newbie Writers & Star Wars Similarities #writers #SundayBlogShare #StarWars

  Here are some similarities between newbie writers and Star Wars. To the newbie writer a successful author / writer can seem like a Jedi with their jaw dropping literary powers, mysterious ways and occasional muttering under their breath. To the newbie writer the literary world can feel like the Empire in Star Wars; frightening, […]

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How To Survive Accepting You’re Not a Literary Genius #Writer #AmWriting

#writers #amwriting

When we decide to become a writer we secretly believe it is a matter of time before we are regarded as a literary genius. It is such an awkward moment for a writer when they finally accept they are NOT a literary genius and are just an average writer. You enter the writing world secretly […]

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