The Writer’s Bucket List #AmWriting #writers


Do you have a Writer’s Bucket List?  What things do you want to accomplish or experience as a writer before you die? I have been giving some thought to my Writer’s Bucket List. Other bloggers are busy posting exciting and interesting travel bucket lists so I thought it would be fun to do one for […]

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When Should You Disturb a Booklover? #bookaddict #Bibliophile #reader

#bibliophile #bookish

When is the right time to disturb someone who has their head stuck in a good book? If you interrupt a reader at the wrong time it can lead to: An uncomfortable atmosphere. A glare. A snarl. Muttering under the breath. An angry outburst. Your reader forming some bad thoughts about you in their head. […]

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How to Appreciate a Blog Post #bloggers #blogs #blogging

#blogs #blogposts

Blog posts are great! They can be: Easy to access and you can read them anywhere (WiFi permitting). Short and sweet compared to magazines and books. Informative and full of useful stuff. Beautiful to look at. Uplifting and inspiring. It is only when you start a blog that you understand how much hard work goes […]

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