5 Stages of a Notebook Addiction #Writer #WritersLife

#newnotebook #writer #writerslife

As I writer I am constantly fighting my notebook addiction. I can’t walk past a stationary shop without buying a new notebook. I thought it would be fun to document the 5 stages of a notebook addiction. Darkness. The craving for a new notebook will usually occur during a period of writer darkness. Things will not […]

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Similarities Between Blogging & Girlie Nights Out #BloggingGals #bloggers

#blogging #girlsonthetown #girliesnightout #girlsnightout

Here are some similarities between blogging and girlie nights out: 1. You want to make a visual impact on a girls night out and you also want to do the same with a blog post too. To make that visual impact on a girls night out you might squeeze yourself into a glitzy party frock, apply some […]

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