The Diary of Roxy Collins – Part 11 Cocktails Hangovers & Ankles #chicklit #romance



1.39 a.m. After my drunken fall off the table and landing in the arms of Annoying Dan I told him to put me down and leave me alone.

I am now staring at George, Maggie’s Greek landlord, giving him one of my drunken intense stares. They always work back home – so why not here? I am drawing him in with my eyes.

George is leaning over the bar. His attractive tanned face is coming towards me. OMG I want to kiss him like crazy. His thin mouth has curved upwards at the edges and formed a very sexy smile.

“Have you ever been to Manchester Roxy?’ says an annoying voice from behind me, making George pull back.

I spin round on my stool and glare at annoying Dan. “No and I never intend to!”

He looks a bit shocked so I spin back to George, who is gazing at me. I can feel my body starting to tingle.

I watch as George grins at me and starts to put together a cocktail; Vodka, Cranberry juice, Peach Schnapps and Orange Juice.

He slides it across the bar, whilst keeping his eyes fixed on me.

As I take a sip an annoying voice from behind me says “Did you ask for a Sex on the Beach Cocktail?”

George looks startled and turns away. I whirl around and for a second time scowl at annoying Dan. “Is it any of your business what cocktail I drink?” I hiss.

Annoying Dan shrugs and takes a swig from his beer before saying. “I didn’t think you would be a sex on the beach cocktail sort of gal?”

I can feel anger start to sizzle and spit inside me as I notice George leave the bar and go collect some glasses.

My chance with the hot Greek has been ruined.

Annoying Dan from Manchester who is now grinning at me. GRRRR he is so annoying, standing there with that cheeky but very sexy smile!

I am now storming off to the toilets with a drunken Maggie in tow.

‘Mags you have to hook me up with George, your landlord” I slur, leaning against the door frame to hold myself up.

“Roxy I miss him!” she wails hanging her head over the sink.

“Miss who?” I ask, staggering over to the mirror.

“Vince!” she mumbles.

“Who?” I ask getting out my lipstick and drunkenly applying a thick coat over my lips, teeth and chin.

“My fiancé” Maggie screams. “I lied Roxy, I don’t have a string of admirers out here. Its lonely in Greece and I miss Vince!”

I exhale loudly. “For goodness sake Mags, why would you want to go back to Vince when you have hot Greek men like George on your doorstep, gorgeous weather and party nights like this?’

“So you don’t think I should get back with him?” asks Maggie giving me a puzzled look.

“Men from the UK are bad news Mags, I mean take that annoying bloke from Manchester out in the bar!” I say, with an image of that Dan rescuing me from the sea and making comments about me deep sea diving.

Mags turns to me and smiles. “He’s gorgeous looking!”

I shake my head in disapproval whilst in my head agree with her. Annoying Dan might be handsome but he has ruined my chances with a beautiful Greek landlord called George.

“I think you like him Roxy!” says Maggie, checking out her curly blonde hair in the mirror.

“No way I fancy George!” I fling my handbag over my shoulder and walk out of the toilets.

Maggie marches to the bar. “George!” she announces. “Roxy and I have not had enough to drink! Can you give us one of your special cocktails!”

George raises a thick black eyebrow at us both and gets to work.

11.24 a.m. I am lying on my beach towel with the world’s worst hangover. I am alternating between groaning and whimpering.

My phone call home earlier made my splitting head ache a hundred times worse as Matilda informed me that she hates the fact I am not with her as Adam her sixth form boyfriend has dumped her. She also told me that Harry keeps fighting with the boy up the street and Toby has started talking aloud to an imaginary friend called Malcolm.

Oh God I feel sick…again. An old couple are staring at me as I give the impression I am dying whilst clad in a string bikini, shades and a straw cowboy hat.

Groan. Here comes Annoying Dan from Manchester. He’s strolling across the beach and laying out his towel. He really annoyed me in the early hours of this morning with his irritating comments.

I am lying here just watching annoying Dan rub sun tan lotion over his shapely chest.

Maggie has appeared looking dishevelled and wearing dark shades. She follows me gaze. “I know who you are staring at Roxy!”

I cough and look away quickly.

‘He’s waving at you!” remarks Maggie, giving me a nudge.

“Please don’t encourage him!” I snap.

“Didn’t you fall off a table last night?” asks Maggie, before lifting a bottle of water to her lips.

“Yes” I mumble as my eyes settle on Annoying Dan’s muscular back.

“Did you hurt yourself? All I can remember is you screaming!” says Maggie.

“No someone caught me” I say, trying to avert my eyes from Annoying Dan’s tanned shoulders.

“Ooooh who?” asks Maggie.

I go silent and don’t reply.

“Do you remember me telling you about Vince?” asks Maggie.

I groan and recall our drunken conversation in the loo. If my memory serves me right at the end of it I actively encouraged Maggie to stay in Greece. Annoying Dan had irritated me so much that I had gone off UK men altogether. Lord knows why I had to sell the idea to Maggie. The family are counting on me to bring Maggie home and after a few cocktails here am I persuading to stay in Greece.

Perhaps she is going to tell me that she wants to return home and marry Vince. I sit up and turn to her. If she agrees to come home with me then I will be the family hero and I can forget all about the conversation in the toilets.

“You were right Roxy” she says as I let out a silent scream in my head. “I am better off out in Greece!”

12.45 pm. Maggie and I are sat in the sun at a local beach bar waiting for some food.

“We should be eating something healthy like a salad or something” says Maggie, frowning at the image of the plate of chips on the bar menu.

“Maggie!” I say, lifting my head up from the table. “I have a raging hangover and I need chips!”

The waiter brings over our plates of chips.

There are many differences between Maggie and I, one of which being our eating habits. Maggie picks and plays with her food. She shows restraint by lifting each chip individually and placing it carefully into her mouth. Every morsel of food is carefully digested. I on the other hand attack my plate of food like its my last ever meal. First of all I drench it with tomato ketchup and then dive in.

I am busy stuffing as many chips into my mouth whilst Maggie is nibbling on one anorexic looking chip.

“Roxy slow down!” orders Maggie.

“Oh God these chips are divine!” I say wedging a handful more into my mouth. My hangover has gone into the munchie stage. I need grease to soak up the alcoholic juices.

“Roxy you are such a messy eater” shrieks Maggie, pointing at the mess I have made on my food mat. This is another difference between Maggie and I – her food mats are always spotless and mine are always carpeted with food.

1.29 p.m. Stagger back to beach towels.

“I still feel rough” I croak. “I am never drinking again!”

“Me too!” groans Maggie, covering her face with her sun hat.

“I think I will have a quiet night in tonight” I reply, looking forward to lying still on Maggie’s sofa. My liver will thank me for a night off the booze.

“Come on Roxy, you only live once!” says Maggie.

I shake my head. “I should really take it steady” Sometimes I am proud of the restraint I can show in challenging situations.

4.56 p.m. I am on Skype to Matilda who is telling me that Malcolm, Toby’s new imaginary friend is worrying her and she thinks I should come home from Greece.

“Matilda I am not coming home because Toby has an imaginary friend. Its a phase. He’s probably seen something on TV’ I say.

“I think he might be nuts!” screeches Matilda, raising her hands with frustration. “He keeps asking Malcolm’s opinion on things” says Matilda.

“Like what? I ask.

Matilda exhales loudly. “Like whether I am a teenage nightmare?”

My ears prick up. “And what does Malcolm think?”

“He says I am a teenage nightmare!” snaps Matilda, shaking her head. Even though this imaginary friend of Toby’s might be new onto the family scene it sounds like he already understands Matilda.

“Oh” is all I can muster as Toby walks behind Matilda and grins at me.

“Mam Malcolm says you look like you have had too much wine” says Toby.

This imaginary friend of Toby’s could become annoying.

7.56 p.m. Maggie is getting ready to go out and I am lying on the sofa feeling proud of myself for taking things steady. I am a thirty something mother of three kids on a trip abroad. I do not need to go out tonight and handsome George will be still be around tomorrow night.

“Roxy” shouts Maggie sticking her head around the bedroom door. “please come out!”

“I am staying in!” I shout back.

“Thats a shame as George is looking forward to seeing you in the bar tonight?” says Maggie.

“Really?” I ask, lifting my head off the sofa cushion.

“He had just text me to say you are a bit of a fire cracker and that he hopes to see you tonight!” she remarks with a grin.

“A fire cracker – wow!” I say sitting up. A hot Greek man called me a ‘fire cracker’. I don;t think anyone has ever called me that.

9.34 p.m. Maggie and I are sat in George’s bar.

“I think he likes you!” says Maggie as we watch George give me a wink from behind the bar.

“I am not getting carried away or anything Mags but could you see me working behind this bar with George?” I ask, mapping out some future life scenarios.

“Oh yes you would certainly liven things up a bit Roxy!” exclaims Maggie, gesturing to George for some more cocktails.

I gaze longingly at George’s swarthy skin and thick dark hair.

“We would have beautiful babies” I mumble, imagining a couple of pretty looking dark haired children running about barefoot and squealing with happiness as George and I greet new bar customers.

“Hi Roxy!” says a familiar voice. I groan as Annoying Dan appears.

Maggie nudges me in the ribs.

I ignore him and go back to gawping at George.

11.23 p.m. Maggie is sat on the toilet, tear stained and wailing “Vince!”

I am pacing the toilet feeling agitated with my cousin. Half an hour ago I was doing some seductive dancing with George. As he was twirling me around he asked me whether I wanted to go for dinner with him tomorrow night. I couldn’t say yes fast enough. The prospect of having dinner with a hot Greek landlord filled me with a warm glow and then just as we were about to seal things with a kiss Maggie decided to storm off into the toilets to cry about Vince.

I am desperate to get back out there and sidle up to George again but I can’t leave Maggie in this state. She drains her beer bottle and wipes her eyes. “I think I love Vince” she slurs before getting up and rushing out of the loo.

“Mags wait!” I cry out giving chase. Maggie races out of the bar and disappears.

I stand outside the bar and cry “Maggie!”

A young lad points towards the beach. “She ran onto the beach!”

I groan. The beach looks dark and deserted. Still, she’s my cousin and I don’t want her doing anything silly in her drunken state.

I have taken off my heels and start to run across the sand calling ‘Mags! Come back!”

My cocktail filled gut is sloshing around and I feel sick. Maybe running isn’t the best idea. I will just slow down and…..aghhh!

Ouch. My ankle. I have fallen over something in the sand and my ankle is hurting like hell.

I am trying to stand but I am in too much pain. “Mags I am injured!” I cry out.

Oh no what am I going to do? I can barely walk and I have no idea where Maggie is?

I am frightened and my teeth are starting to chatter.

“Here take my arm” says a familiar voice. Annoying Dan is by my side and lifting me gently off the sand. I lean into him and feel a flood of relief wash over me.

“Your cousin is back in the bar” says Annoying Dan. “Come on lets get you off this beach”

He helps me limp back to George’s bar. As we hobble along I notice how divine he smells close up. His aftershave is intoxicating.

I can feel the strong grip of his arm around my waist and I have a weird tingly sensation shooting up my spine.

We reach the entrance to the bar and he loosens his grip. For a moment we stand and stare at each other under the glow of the stars. Looking at Dan makes me forget about my ankle pain. He bends his head towards me and I think he’s going to kiss me. Oh yes!

The sound of Maggie stumbling out of the bar and vomiting makes him step back in surprise.

“Thank you for rescuing me” I whisper. He smiles.

“Let’s get you two home!” he says.

With Maggie on one side of him and me limping on the other Annoying Dan helps us back to our flat.

“Goodbye Roxy!” says Dan, handing me a pack of ice for my ankle. I don’t want him to leave. I want him to stay and nurse me.

Maggie is slumped on the sofa by the side of me. “She has a date with George tomorrow night!” she slurs and Dan leaves.

Grrr my cousin can be so annoying at times!


11.12 a.m. I am half limping and half staggering across the sand to my beach towel. To say I feel rough today is an under statement. My head is throbbing, I have a dodgy gut and my ankle, from twisting it on the beach last night is killing me.

The old couple, who saw me yesterday battling with my hangover, are rolling their eyes at my limp.

I am now sprawled on my beach towel wondering when I can take the next round of painkillers for my throbbing ankle.

11.24 a.m. Maggie has just staggered to the beach towel looking even more dishevelled than she did yesterday. Her blonde hair looks greasy and she has dark circles around hr blood shot eyes. I notice that the old couple are giving each other some concerned looks.

“How are you feeling?” I croak.

“Rough!” mumbles Maggie.

“Apart from your hangover – are you ok?” I ask, sensing there is something troubling my cousin.

“Vince is on my mind” she says quickly.

“Oh” I am praying she has had a change of heart.

“I don’t think Vince and I are suited” announces Maggie. This holiday is getting like the film Ground Hog Day – I am once screaming silently in my head at my cousin.

“Mags – just admit that you love Vince and stop drinking yourself silly!” I say.

“I am not coming home!” exclaims, Maggie, defiantly, before erupting into a coughing fit. I watch as the old couple pack up their things and scurry away.

11.34 a.m. “So you have a date with George tonight!” says Maggie.

I groan and nod.

“I thought you would be happy Roxy – why the long face?” enquires Maggie.

My attention is distracted by the appearance of Annoying Dan onto the beach. He is spreading out his towel. I notice that he hasn’t looked our way yet.

“Oh I get it!” says Maggie. “You like George AND that bloke from Manchester!”

“He rescued me from the beach last night whist you were having your breakdown over Vince” I inform Maggie. “I dreamt about him” I announce recalling my hot and sweaty dream where Annoying Dan asking me whether he could kiss me.

“Oooooh Roxy its serious when you start dreaming about men. And George – have you dreamt about him?” asks Maggie.

I roll onto my stomach. “I can only dream about one man a night!”

“So what are you going to do?” asks Maggie.

I am distracted by Annoying Dan as a blonde woman has arrived and is busy laying her towel next to his.

“What the….” I sit up and stare.

“Looks like you missed your opportunity Roxy” says Maggie.

“But we….” I mumble, recalling the way we looked at each other stood outside the pub.

I watch as Dan rubs sun tan lotion on to her tiny shoulders.

He glances in our direction and I look away quickly.

1.34 p.m. I am lying on my beach towel and trying to focus on my date with George. He is the one for me. Not some annoying person who has eyes for some stick insect like blonde in a pink bikini.

Dan is smiling whilst his blonde companion goes into the sea. I am frowning and going back to my thoughts.

There are so many questions running through my mind about George.

What do I wear on a date with a handsome older Greek man?

Who do I order in view of my messy eating habits?

Will our wedding be in Greece and can we hold the reception in his bar?

2.56 P.M. Still lying on beach towel. Overtime I close my eyes I can see Annoying Dan from Manchester and not George.

4.12 p.m. Annoying Dan’s blonde companion has left and he is walking towards my beach towel.

“Hello Roxy” he says with a smile.

I scowl and look away.
“Do you fancy a walk along the beach?” he asks.

The cheek of some men! I can’t quite believe my ears. They spend all day sat on a beach towel with another woman and then when she goes home come to my towel to ask me to go for a walk! Huh.

“Where’s your blonde friend?” I ask, making mouth break into a grin.

“Oh she had to go home” he mumbles, holding my gaze for a little longer than necessary. I hate it when attractive men do that.

“My ankle is hurting and I need to get ready for my date tonight!” I say and turn away from him.

5.34 p.m. I am having a Skype call with the kids. Matilda has a new boyfriend called Paul, Harry has stopped fighting with the boy up the street and Toby is still talking to Malcolm, his imaginary friend.

The boys are off upstairs.

“Matilda I have a date tonight!” I squeal.

“Who with?” asks Matilda, opening a packet of crisps.

“Its with an attractive older Greek man!” I announce.

“Oh that would be sooooooo cool Mam’ says Matilda. “Living out in Greece. Louise went there on holiday and she said the men out there are fit!”

I ignore that comment and tell her about George owning a bar and watch her smile. “Mam i could hang out in the bar with my mates and then we could go out partying” says Matilda. I watch as she takes out her phone.

“What are you doing?” I ask.

“Just letting people know I might be moving to Greece” says Matilda.

“Its only a first date!” I remind her.

“I don’t know what to wear?” I say.

“Look classy for this one Mam!” advises Matilda.

8.30 P.M. I am limping into the restaurant to meet George. No amount of makeup tonight seemed to take away the hungover look which I seem to be modelling. George raises eyebrows at me as I limp towards him looking and feeling a bit rough.

He is smouldering tonight in a white open neck shirt, pale jeans and designer stubble.

The restaurant is lovely. It looks out over a deserted beach. We can hear the waves lapping against the shore. This is so romantic.

8.43 p.m. We are ordering our food and I am trying to work out what I can eat without making a mess of my white dress.

I am distracted. Annoying Dan from Manchester has just escorted the blonde woman, from the beach earlier into the restaurant.

They sitting down at the table opposite us. The cheek of some people!

Annoying Dan from Manchester is grinning at me. I am scowling and look away. The butterflies in my chest don’t mean anything.

8.51 p.m. I am trying really hard not to look at them both.

Oh what the hell I can’t stop myself! She (the blonde in tiny dress) doesn’t look like his type with her toned, slim figure. He needs someone with wobbly bits. Opposites attract.

For an annoying person he does look good tonight in that fitted navy shirt.

8.59 p.m. George is telling me about his bar. I am trying to listen and act interested but I am struggling.

Annoying Dan from Manchester is telling the blonde woman some funny jokes. For an annoying person he is quite amusing.

The blonde woman is laughing like a hyena at his jokes. I reckon he must find her irritating. I know I do.

9.15 p.m. I can’t help but spy on Annoying Dan from Manchester out of the corner of my eye. He has leant across the table to take the blonde woman’s hand. OMG he is going to kiss her hand like Princes do to Princesses in fairy-tales.

Something is wrong. I feel agitated. I don’t want him to kiss her hand.

George is now talking to me about his mother but I stopped listening a long time ago. For a Greek man who has limited English he can talk.

I have decided to go the toilet.

Annoying Dan from Manchester has caught my eye and is smiling. I am scowling at him and storming….well limping off.

9.20 p.m. I am having an emotional breakdown in the toilets. I should be enjoying my date with George and listening to his mother’s passion for table tennis but I can’t stop thinking about Annoying Dan.

I have come out of the toilet, located at the other side of the restaurant and Annoying Dan is there, waiting for me.

We are standing and staring at each other.

“Where’s your blonde friend?” I ask breaking the silence.

He takes a step towards me and holds my gaze. “She’s just a friend” he says.

“It didnt look like it!” I mumble, unable to pull my eyes away.

“She did me a favour” he says taking my hand. “She helped me get your attention”.

“Cheeky!” I say quietly

“It worked didnt it” he asks.

I nod.

9.21 p.m. I am kissing him like crazy outside the toilets whilst George tucks into his main course, unaware that his date for the evening is……well…..otherwise engaged.

“I am mad about you Roxy Collins” says Dan, breaking for air. “I love your swimming abilities, your dance moves and that wonderful string bikini”.

In my head I wonder whether he will still feel the same about me when I reveal that I am a single mother with a hormonal teenage daughter from hell, a relatively normal son, a son who likes talking to an imaginary friend called Malcolm, two useless ex-partners and a run down rented house.

Ignore. Why spoil a romantic moment?

9.25 P.M. Return to table looking flushed. Vasilis is eating his starter.

9.35 P.M. Struggling to eat my meal after passionate kissing episode. My appetite has disappeared.

9.48 P.M. It’s very hard to talk to your Greek dinner date when someone from Manchester keeps winking at you.

10.35 P.M. Thank George for a lovely evening. Decline his offer to walk me home. Leave restaurant.

10.36 P.M. Meet Dan outside. He asks me whether I fancy a walk along the beach.

He grins. I melt.

I say I have a bad ankle and he….sweeps me into his big arms and carries me onto the beach.

11.17 a.m. I am stretching out on my beach towel and admiring Dan (note the word ‘annoying’ has been removed) enter the sea. If I am honest I don’t think I have ever had a romantic connection with someone who has a body like Dan’s. My goodness, just seeing his bare muscular chest and flat stomach makes me feel light headed.

11.18 a.m. Maggie has arrived and is busy laying her beach towel next to me.

“So then cousin” she says with a huge grin. “What did you get up to last night?”

I give her a sly smile. and turn my attention back towards Dan in the sea.

“Hang on – what about George?” Maggie says, following my gaze.

“It didn’t work out” I say quickly, hoping to avoid the subject of how I got together with Dan whilst George was tucking into his main course. George is Maggie’s employer out here and her landlord so don’t want to make things tricky for her.

“Did he go on about his mother’s love of table tennis?” asks Maggie, rubbing in san tan lotion to her golden arms.

I nod and avoid looking her in the eye.

“So then are you and the bloke from Manchester…an item then?” she asks.

I giggle. “We might be!”

“You didn’t come home last night!” says Maggie, squirting a blob of white suntan cream onto her leg.

“Dan and I went for a late walk on the beach” I mumble recalling our passionate cuddle on a moonlit beach.

“Oh…did you do anything?” asks Maggie, giving me a playful nudge.

“What do you mean?” I ask with a puzzled look.

“Did you do anything?” whispers Maggie giving me a wink.

I shake my head. “Maggie – we were very restrained last night!”

She gives me a puzzled look. “Unlike you Roxy!”

I give her a playful swipe and she goes back to rubbing in her sun tan lotion.

11.28 a.m. Dan is striding towards us after his energetic swim in the sea.

“I can’t believe you had some control with him Roxy!” murmurs Maggie as Dan reaches the towel beside me and lays down.

He sits up and gives Maggie a wave. “Hello I am Dan!”

“I am Maggie, Roxy’s cousin!” gushes Maggie.

“How was the sea?” I ask turning to face Dan.

“It wasn’t the same without you!” he says placing a runaway strand of hair behind my ear.

“I will impress you later with my swimming” I say, as he leans in and kisses me on the lips.

Maggie groans and leaves her beach towel to go talk to one of her friends from the bar.

“What are you doing tonight?” he asks, when we break for air.

I shrug my shoulders. “Dunno!”

“Do you fancy coming out for a drink with me?” he asks.

“I will think about it!” I say, giving him a wink.

3.15 p.m. Dan, Maggie and I are sat in a beach bar enjoying a cocktail. It was Dan’s idea to have an afternoon cocktail.

Maggie seems preoccupied with her phone.

“What’s the matter?” I ask, watching my cousin chew her lip and stare blankly at the screen.

“Its Vince” she says. “He has text me to say that he will never love anyone else and that he wants to me to go back with you”.

“Well?” I gasp.

Maggie shakes her head. “Nope, I am out here to find myself…I must carry on!”

I let out a loud groan and Dan places a reassuring warm hand on my knee.

Maggie rises from her chair and whilst still engrossed with her phone wanders off.

“You said she was hard work” says Dan watching my cousin walk away.

“I know…if she just admitted she still loved Vince all this would be over. I am just glad I am not hard work” I say, before sipping on my cocktail

5.15 p.m. Dan has gone home to get changed for our drink tonight and I am talking to the kids back home on Skype. I have decided to not tell them about Dan as I think I will keep this one under wraps for now.

“Malcolm wants to know why you are smiling?” asks Toby. I roll my eyes. This imaginary friend of his is very perceptive.

“When are we moving to Greece?” asks Matilda. I exhale loudly.

“Are we getting a Greek Dad?” asks Harry.

I take a deep breath. “Can’t I just look happy for once?” I exclaim.

Shaz appears at the side of the kids and peers into the screen at me. “What’s his name?” she asks.

“He’s Greek and we are going to live there!” shrieks Matilda.

‘OMG Roxy is this true!” screeches Shaz, clutching her pregnant tummy. “I can give birth in Greece and then party whilst it sleeps!” she cries.

I sit and wonder how one Skype call can go so wrong.

“He’s not Greek he’s from Manchester” I snap.

An awkward silence descends upon my family back home.

Harry looks like he is going to cry and mumbles “I hate the Man U football team”

Toby shakes his head with disapproval. “Malcolm says you have let us down.”

Matilda is staring open mouthed at me. “Mam – let me just get this straight – you turned down an attractive older Greek man, with a bar, for some dude from Manchester?’

“Oh Roxy” says Shaz, “Thats crushing!”

“Mam I have put out a youtube video to all my followers and its called “Bonjour Greece!”

Toby leans into his older sister. “Malcolm says Bonjour is French!”

Matilda swipes Toby around the head. “What does the imaginary friend of a ten year old know about languages?” she hisses.

“More than you” replies Toby and looks away smiling.

“Dan is really nice and I am off out with him tonight” I say.

“Ugh I hate the name Dan” groans Matilda.

Shaz leans into the screen and says “whilst you are with this Dan bloke, make eyes at the Greek fella…you never know you might get lucky!”

9.34 p.m. Dan and I are enjoying a romantic cocktail in a quiet bar. He looks gorgeous tonight in a grey shirt and black jeans.

We have spent all day together and I can’t tell you how happy I have been. When we have not been kissing each other like crazy we have been frolicking in the sea and…going for secret walks behind large rocks.

I think its time now to sort our future. Its always good in the early stages of a relationship to manage some expectations.

“So then Dan” I say, leaning my head on his shoulder. “What happens when we get back to the UK?”

He strokes my head and looks at me with serious eyes. “We live miles away from each other Roxy!”

I can feel my happy mood start to evaporate.

“Have you not heard of motorways?” I ask pulling away from him.

He strokes my arm. “lets just enjoy ourselves out here and see what happens!”

“Oh I get it!” I snap. “I am just a holiday fling then!”

“No I didnt meant that” he says edging his stool towards me.

“Well what did YOU mean?” I say.

“Look we have only just got together so lets just enjoy tonight!” he murmurs, leaning into kiss me on the cheek.

I look away and drain my cocktail.

10.13 p.m. I am in a mood with Dan. We are sat staring into space and I am close to tears.

“Roxy” he says placing his arm around me. “Please forgive me”.

I shake him off me. He has made it quite clear that I am just a holiday fling!

Dan has the most adorable sad puppy dog eyes. I exhale loudly and give him a weak smile. I suppose it would be silly to miss out on kissing him again.

He strokes my hand before kissing it. I am amazed that I have managed to pull someone so fit!

“Anyway I thought you said you were not hard work!” he says with a cheeky grin.

11.23 p.m. Dan and I are kissing each other like crazy on our bar stools.

We are interrupted by a drunken female staggering into the bar with her arm around a confused looking small man ,wearing a beige shirt, beige shorts, beige socks and brown sandals. I look round and see its Maggie.

‘Oh no!” I cry and race towards her.

“Mags” I shout. “Its Roxy!”

Maggie whirls round and I can see her face is tear stained. “I LOVE him!” she sobs.

“Who” I ask.

“Vince” she says cuddling up to the small man in beige and planting a kiss on his cheek. “He’s come out to Greece and we’re going home now!” she gushes with a hiccup.

“Mags thats not Vince!” I say, giving the small man a beilwderded look.

11.45 p.m. Dan and I are helping a drunken Maggie back to the flat. We managed to get rid of the small man who claimed Maggie had abducted him whilst his wife was having her nails done.

“Vince where are you?” wails Maggie.

“He’s back home in the UK” I say.

“I love him!” she cries.

“Are all your family as daft as Maggie?” asks Dan, gesturing towards a hiccuping Maggie.

I shake my head and give him a reassuring smile.

11.57 p.m. Dan and I are walking back towards the beach.

“Have you forgiven me now for earlier?” he asks, kissing my hand.

“Yes!” I say, taking away my hand. “I will just find someone else when I get home!”

He pulls me into his arms. “Stop being daft and kiss me Roxy Collins!”

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Lucy Mitchell lives in South Wales with her husband, her two teenage daughters, a giant labrador and a gang of unruly cats. Lucy is the author of the award winning blog, BlondeWriteMore and was a Featured Romance Author on Wattpad. When she’s not working or writing, Lucy can be found listening to audiobooks in a muddy field with her dog or sat outside her local pub in the sunshine enjoying a glass of wine. Her debut novel Instructions Falling In Love Again is OUT now and already pulling in some fabulous reviews ❤️

28 thoughts on “The Diary of Roxy Collins – Part 11 Cocktails Hangovers & Ankles #chicklit #romance

  1. YEYEYEYEYEY!! Go ROXY! 🙂 Can this really mean happiness for Roxy? Will the jilted Landlord seek revenge? Cannot wait to find out! 🙂

  2. Good ol’ Roxy – she always raises a laugh and is confused as the next person as for wobbly bits there’s nothing wrong with that at all! 🙂
    Happy Monday Lucy!

  3. “I find myself telling her to get a grip and find a handsome Greek man” – I had to laugh at this 😀

    Actually, Toby sounds like the most normal of Roxy’s kids. And Malcolm sounds delightful.

  4. I had a feeling she’d end up getting together with Annoying Dan! Fingers crossed she gets a break and he doesn’t mind her teenage daughter almost-normal sons. 🙂

  5. We recently took a 4 day trip to visit relatives, shoot pheasants (game birds), and visit more relatives. I got a little behind on a lot of things which equals a lot of behinds. I don’t need a lot of behinds, having a large one of my own. 😉

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