5 Stages of the Writer’s Bath Break #writer #writerslife


The Writer's Bath Break

  1. Writer Distress. The writer will be showing signs of distress. They may have run out of cheese, ideas, the coffee machine might be on the blink, Wi-Fi might be down, Twitter might be quiet, they may have fallen down a plot hole or the new idea for their book, that they came up with over breakfast, might not seem as earth shattering as it did whilst eating their porridge. There will be lots of huffs, puffs, strained expressions, loud sighs or a lot of pacing the room.
  2. Awareness. During times of distress the writer will become aware of a little voice inside their head instructing them to either take a little nap or go for a warm bath. Some writers look forward to hearing this little voice as they know peace and harmony will be restored in Writing Land, once they have either got their head down for forty winks or had a long soak. Once they hear the voice all writing tools will be put down and the writer will disappear. For noting, there are some writers out there who may not need to hear the voice telling them to have a sleep or a bath. These two activities are already built into their daily routine – sigh!
  3. Bath Creativity. A writer’s creative skills will be reflected through their choice of bath products and accessories. Cue bath foam resembling giant fluffy white clouds, a unique blend of tropical bath scents, a flamboyant bath brush, a vibrant flannel, an assortment of candles and a small army of happy looking  yellow rubber ducks. It is worth noting that the bath ducks must be happy looking as no writer, when faced with a serious issue like a weak opening chapter, wants to watch a load of miserable looking bath ducks float by.
  4. Bath Time. The writer will soak for some time as the only thing waiting of them when they get out of the bath is a half finished novel or a painful editing session. As they relax, letting the warm water soothe their aching body their mind will start to wander over their creative work. As they are in a relaxed, semi comatose state writing issues and problems will not seem so pressing. They may even get lucky when staring at their army of bobbing ducks and get some creative inspiration. The main thing from this stage is that the writer is no longer in a state of distress.
  5. Post Bath. The writer will emerge from their bath happier, more relaxed, reeking of tropical scents and a bit wrinkly. They will resume their place in Writing Land and their creative world will seem like a better place. After laying down a couple of sentences on their draft they will check their watch and head off for a nice cup of coffee, followed by a good old fashioned tweeting session. Being a writer can be tough! Sigh!

Have a great day writers!

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34 thoughts on “5 Stages of the Writer’s Bath Break #writer #writerslife

      1. Thanks! I am actually a big fan of coconut. It drives my daughter nuts…coconut syrup on my pancakes, coconut hand soap, coconut body wash, my blog posts about coconuts…the list goes on.

  1. It’s possible at #4 they find their toe has become stuck in the tap causing them to slip under the water and realise that the apparent murder by drowning of Mrs Peabody-Nutella was in fact a grotesque accident. They leap from the bath with a eureka and severe plumbing issues following the ripping of the faucet from the wall…. At least that’s what happens to me…

  2. Hmm… I’m a shower kind of guy, but I could be converted. Especially with the promise of writer Nirvana at the end of a long bath! Although it might take me so long to de-stress that the newspapers will run the next day an article titled “Giant raisin discovered in bath tub. Writer’s whereabouts unknown.”

  3. I love the concept of baths, but I’m afraid I might never get out once I got in, if I’d get so relaxed [we don’t have a large, elegant tub; so it’s not super-inviting for long baths]. I’m more a go-go-go type of person (type A, whatever you want to call it), so I usually shower, meanwhile writing stories and lines in my head and forgetting whether I’ve shampooed my hair or not! 🙂

      1. Ah, yeah, me, too. I’ve written nothing that I’m real happy with lately, even the deadline the other day. It came out cruddy and I didn’t bother submitting. Wishing you the old writing hammer. What’s that Nietzsche quote: be[ing] the axe in a frozen sea? Here’s to increasing creativity for you, Lucy!

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