My Writing Life Diary #AmWriting #Writer

#writer #writing

Welcome to my writing life diary. This week I want to talk about falling off your writing bike. All sorts of writing related issues can send you flying over your writing bike’s handlebars; crisis of confidence, rejection, not having any success in a writing competition, negative feedback etc. I am always coming off my writing […]

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How To Handle The Slow Burn Story #Writing #AmWriting #Writer


This is something I have experienced lately, writing the slow burn story. These tales are unique because they take AGES to come out of you. They are normally written in dribs and drabs which can be very frustrating for an impatient blonde writer, like myself. A slow burn story is a form of creative torture […]

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How To Handle Attention Seeking Minor Characters #NaNoWriMo

If you have never rolled your eyes at a minor character, who has ideas above their station, and then found yourself shouting, through your laptop screen, “will you stop being such an attention grabbing minor character!”  – you haven’t lived! Some minor characters are born into your story knowing they are never going to be centre […]

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50 Reasons Why a Writer Might Cry #writer #writers 


Writers cry a lot. Writing is an emotionally charged hobby. If you’re not weeping about what you think of your own writing, you’re crying over what others think about your writing. If you are not weeping about Writer’s Block you are a sobbing mess over writing too much. We are keeping tissue companies in business! […]

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The Diary Of Roxy Collins – Part 2 Shower Nightmare #Motherhood #Chicklit

Saturday 11.12 a.m. I am supposed to be getting a shower, but instead I am stood outside Matilda’s bedroom door listening to her squealing with laughter. Her new sixth form boyfriend, Adam, came round early this morning allegedly to help her with some maths homework. When I think back to my own school days maths […]

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The Diary of Roxy Collins – Part 1 – Office Life #comedy #motherhood #Romance

Monday 8.46 a.m. – I am staggering into my office, carrying a gigantic bag of sweets (the obligatory post holiday office gift) and crying out “I’m back everyone…I am back!” Silence. No one has acknowledged my return to work after my holiday. Plonk sweets on desk and notice ladder in my posh glossy tights and […]

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