#BookReview Her Brooding Scottish Heir @EllaHayesAuthor #TuesdayBookBlog

#bookreview #millsandboon

Not only was this book my first reading experience of Ella Hayes, but also it was my…..FIRST EVER Mills & Boon. I feel like I have come of age as a romance reader. Before I read this book I was going through a reading bad patch; I was struggling to fall in fictional love with […]

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Things Bookworms Worry About When Reading Book Series #MondayBlogs

#Bibliophile #bookish

As a bookworm I enjoy reading a good book series, I love the excitement of finishing a first book and making a frantic dash onto Amazon to buy the second. I am a big fan of watching an author’s Twitter feed like a hawk for news on when the next book in their series is […]

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5 Stages of Reading a Good #Thriller Novel #MondayBlogs #GripLit

You can’t beat a good dark and twisted thriller novel. I enjoy the unsettled feeling a good thriller gives me. The powerful thriller plot twists are exhilarating too and I urge the thriller author to treat me a bit rough (in the book sense) and yank the carpet out from under my feet. I want […]

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How To Survive Reading A Romance With An Unwanted Ending #AmReadingRomance #Romance

#romance #books

Unwanted endings in books can leave you feeling cheated and cross. I can just about cope with weak endings in other book genres, however if I am given a romance novel with an unwanted ending I will struggle….emotionally….for days after it’s finished. When I read a romance novel I want: Chemistry between the two characters. […]

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Book Reviewer Interviews @cleo_bannister #writers #authors

I have decided to start interviewing book reviewers on my blog for the following reasons: Book reviewers hold a lot of useful literary insight for writers. Book reviewers are very valuable to us when our books are published. It is useful to see how their book reviewer mind works. I believe getting inside the mind […]

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