How To Survive Writing The Unreliable Narrator #MondayBlogs #AmWriting #Writers


Not all fictional narrators are trustworthy. Some have other plans about how a story should be told. These untrustworthy fictional souls use manipulations, omissions and mischief to try and misdirect their reader. Last year I wrote a draft with an unreliable narrator and I had so much literary fun. However, I came to realise that working […]

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How To Get To Know Your Characters – Take Them Shopping! #SundayBlogShare #Writers

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  Do you want to get to know your fictional characters? Do you feel like you and your characters need to bond? Don’t despair! I have an amazing new trick for writing better characters. It involves two of my favourite pastimes; writing and shopping. As writers we need to create interesting and compelling characters because no […]

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How To Deal With Whiny Characters #MondayBlogs #Writers #Author

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Have you ever experienced that heart stopping moment when you realise you have a whiny character? Have you created a character who repeatedly complains at length (be it internally or externally) about the problems facing them, and does nothing significant to address their problems? For the record, I would rather tackle a rebellious or unruly character […]

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Writer: Creating Fictional Characters Who Are More Interesting Than You. A Survival Guide.

This can be a tough situation for any writer. There are several stages connected with realising your character is more interesting than you – the writer. The Character Creation Stage. You have exceeded your literary expectations and created an amazing new character. She’s beautiful, sassy, funny, intelligent, a fashion trend setter, possesses some unusual magical powers, has […]

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18 Things That Characters Do To Frustrate Writers #writerslife #writer

Working with fictional folk can be hard and at times it can feel like you are herding cats. Here are some situations which show how frustrating characters can be… Characters hijacking your story. Characters getting too big for their fictional boots. Fictional folk starting to say what they want. Characters talking amongst themselves. Attention seeking […]

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