Writing Stories About People Who Reinvent Themselves Can Spark Change In Your Own Life #AmWriting #Writer

#reinvention #life #writing

Since November I have worked on several stories where the main character or characters decide to reinvent themselves. They have all battled their way through: – something they wanted to happen, or, – something that happens to them, that maybe they did not expect. During my stories all these characters consciously or unconsciously pressed the […]

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The Diary of Roxy Collins – Part 12 Big Fat Lies #chicklit #romance

Friday 9.34 a.m. Dan and I are having our last romantic stroll along the beach before he has to go to the airport to fly home. I am trying to not get emotional. The last few days have been heavenly…well almost. I have tried my best to forget about our relationship’s long term future and […]

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The Diary of Roxy Collins Part 3 – The Ex-Partners #chicklit #amwritingcomedy

Sunday 9.33 A.M. I am trying my hardest not to get too excited about my date this afternoon. In the laws of dating once you get excited it all goes horribly wrong. They message you to say they don’t want anything complicated or are about to leave the country, forever. 10.00 A.M. Still thinking about […]

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The Diary Of Roxy Collins – Part 2 Shower Nightmare #Motherhood #Chicklit

Saturday 11.12 a.m. I am supposed to be getting a shower, but instead I am stood outside Matilda’s bedroom door listening to her squealing with laughter. Her new sixth form boyfriend, Adam, came round early this morning allegedly to help her with some maths homework. When I think back to my own school days maths […]

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How To Bore Someone Silly About Blogging #blogger #blogging 


Not everyone is as excited about blogging as you are. It’s a hard lesson to learn especially when you are a blonde writer blogger struggling to contain her blogging excitement. I have been experiencing a lot of yawns lately when I try to open a conversation on blogging with someone who doesn’t blog / knows […]

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