How To Stop Procrastinating #MondayBlogs #Writer #MondayMotivation

#writer #procrastination

This is a simple and effective method for stopping procrastinating, whilst working on a creative project. If procrastinating was an Olympic sport I would be proudly leading out Team GB and securing a gold medal. So, I am always on the lookout for something to stop me from putting my bookcases into alphabetical order, combing […]

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How To Survive The Guilt From Not Writing #Writer

#writer #writing

‘I should be at home writing, but instead I am sat on an old fairground ride telling myself how much I need to experience sitting on a decorated plastic horse…’ This post is aimed at those writers who, like me, suffer with guilt from not writing. This is how things go: You set aside a […]

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Author Interviews – Linda Bradley @LBradleyAuthor #Author #Writer

  Welcome to my weekly blog series – Author Interviews. In this series I interview the authors that inspire and amaze me. I get them to tell me all about their literary journey, the obstacles they overcame when writing their books and their creative process. Today I am super excited as author Linda Bradley has […]

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The Writer’s Facebook Break #MondayBlogs #writerslife #writer

  This Writer Break can be time-consuming as there is so much to take in. Not only do you have the photo albums and Facebook (FB) posts of friends, family and distant acquaintances to have a good nose around, but you also have Writer FB Groups and other Author FB pages too. Yes this particular […]

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50 Reasons Why a Writer Might Cry #writer #writers 


Writers cry a lot. Writing is an emotionally charged hobby. If you’re not weeping about what you think of your own writing, you’re crying over what others think about your writing. If you are not weeping about Writer’s Block you are a sobbing mess over writing too much. We are keeping tissue companies in business! […]

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5 Stages of Writer Procrastination #writer #writers

  Bold Statement. The writer announces to the world that they intend to spend tomorrow writing. They set themselves a target based on either word count or a number of chapters to be completed. As the writer finishes their speech they will let out a loud sigh of contentment and stare out of the window with a […]

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Author Interviews #writers #authors @Nicholas_Rossis

Welcome to my weekly series – Author Interviews. In these blog posts I interview authors and find out about the person behind the novel, plus I also glean some valuable insight on being a writer. This week I am super excited as I am joined by the award winning author Nicholas Rossis. 1. Welcome Nicholas, […]

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