10 Similarities Between Heartbreak & Shelving A Half Finished Draft #AmWriting

#writing, creative writing

  You will be surprised at how many similarities there are between relationship heartbreak and shelving a half-finished draft. Splitting up with the love of your life can be upsetting and leave you feeling crushed. Stopping work on a draft novel because you can’t take it any further or because it’s a big pile of […]

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10 Signs You Are Suffering From Second Draft Blues #writers #amwriting

  I am suffering from what I am calling – the Second Draft Blues.  As I am going through a lot of emotional turmoil with this terrible condition, I thought I would list out the tell-tale signs so other writers can be on guard. I think this affliction is worse for those of us who: Finished […]

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11 Unexpected Sounds Encountered Whilst Recording Podcast #Podcast #Podcasting


Last week I launched my own podcast! The Diary of Roxy Collins, a fictional romantic comedy podcast is now on iTunes. Creating this podcast has been a blast (apart from the mild irritation encountered with some technical issues and the post-launch ‘OMG what have I done?” emotional breakdown). The rewriting of Roxy Collins and the […]

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7 Reasons Why I Created the Character of Roxy Collins #chicklit #romcom #writer

Roxy Collins is the main character of my Wattpad novel and fictional podcast – The Diary of Roxy Collins.  She’s a thirty something, single mother of three unruly children, who is in a dead-end job, gets no help from her ex-partners and is living in a run down rented house. Here are the reasons why […]

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