10 Things That Happen To Dull Characters #writers #writerslife #amwriting


Imagine this.

You are a dull and lifeless fictional character. I can hear you all groaning. Stay with me, I know it is a tough one.

Your writer thinks readers will prefer to sit and watch paint dry than read about your actions.

It is crunch time for you. You wait for your writer (currently sat with their head in their hands) to decide your fate. Your fictional heart is pounding and your fictional mouth has run dry.

Other characters are giving you sympathetic looks, some are reaching out to administer a reassuring arm squeeze and some are whispering ‘good luck’ to you.

Here is a list of what could happen next to you:

  1. You could get renamed and maybe a physical makeover. Don’t ever think a gender change is off the table!
  2. You could be given a secret desire. Readers love secret desires.
  3. You could be given a dark secret. A clever writer will use both of these; the desire and the secret to create some sort of internal conflict inside you.
  4. Your dialogue could change if it is perceived to be slow and rambling.
  5. Your backstory could be livened up with some spicy stuff.
  6. You could be given some major flaws in your character. Interesting characters have memorable and unique flaws.
  7. You could have more interaction with another stronger character in the hope this will liven you up a bit.
  8. You might be thrown into some perilous and life changing situation to see how you would react.
  9. You could be killed / murdered / die of a mystery illness. Start saying your farewells to your fellow characters and….make it a good death!  No one wants to read about a dull death. If you are a character in a crime fiction or horror novel I pity you.
  10. You could be erased / deleted / relegated to the character rubbish dump. Gasp!  This, in my view,  is the worst thing that can happen to a fictional character. At least if they are killed / murdered or die in the story they have played some sort of role or had a purpose. Being deleted out of a story and never spoken of again must be tough.


Be gentle on your dull characters today writers!

Have a great day!


photo credit: kirikiri <a href=”http://www.flickr.com/photos/48857074@N00/2441248585″>Sick as a dog</a> via <a href=”http://photopin.com”>photopin</a&gt; <a href=”https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/2.0/”>(license)</a&gt;




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26 thoughts on “10 Things That Happen To Dull Characters #writers #writerslife #amwriting

  1. Poor, dull character 😦 … reminds me of a soap opera I watched. A character went upstairs and was never seen again, though every so often his name would be brought up. There was much speculation among viewers as to what happened to this person, which was actually more interesting than his storyline! 😉

  2. Alas, sometimes #10 is necessary. That poor dull character probably shouldn’t have been given life in the first place. Cruel, but who ever said writers were nice to characters? 😀

    1. Oh D Wallace Peach – I just thought it would be nice to think about the imaginary folk for once…sigh! Next I will be doing a post on ‘Character Rights!’ lol!

  3. You make being a dull, lifeless character sounds exciting. After all, you’re just on the cusp of something interesting happening to you. Wonder if this works in real life as well?

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