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Welcome to my Writing Life Diary

This week I have been trying to finish rewriting a first draft.

I often find trying to finish writing a story can sometimes be just as hard as starting one.

This week my motivation trickled away once I got into the final quarter. I found myself finding comfort in the phrase, ‘almost done‘.

For noting – this phrase ‘almost done,’ is like one of those naughty children your mum told you to avoid when you were younger. This phrase does not have your best interests at heart. It will trick you into thinking that as you are ‘almost done’ you can put your trotters up and forget about your project.

‘Now that my draft is almost done I can go binge on Netflix, the ending will write itself… *yawn*

I made the mistake of reading a feedback email from a friend, before finishing my draft. The friend wasn’t feeling the love with my male character. She’d read the first draft. With my writing process I can only change one major thing at a time. Sadly I am not a miracle worker. So my first and second drafts are usually about story and plot. Anyway all I could think about was my friend’s feedback. At one point this feedback nearly knocked me off course. I had to remind myself this second draft was about plot not characters. They will be fixed on the next draft and I need to properly digest her thoughts about my character coming across as a bit of a wimp / a wet weekend and how no one wants that in a romance.

A new, shiny story idea did its best to seduce me in the cereal aisle in Tescos. It was so attractive I came close to forgetting the family food shop, going home, putting down my draft and running off into the sunset with this new idea. These flirtations with new stories are so hard to avoid. They always seem to know when you are weak.

Then life chucked in a few curve balls for good measure. My loved one got struck down with a cold and took to his bed. I tried to be a good nurse; dashing upstairs clutching tissues and cough sweets when he called out from his sick bed, turning over the TV channel for him as he didn’t have the energy to do so and commenting on how brave he was with a slight temperature. I tried my hardest to not refer to his cold as ‘man flu’ but it kept slipping out. So then I felt guilty and had to spend more time running upstairs like a mad thing with vapour rub, cups of tea, motivational books and cold flannels. Then the phrase ‘man flu’ would fall off my lips again so I would be back to feeling guilty. Vicious circle!

The dog came home from a night away with the dog sitter looking glum, he had been given a bad report and knew he was in trouble. He won’t share his bone or rag toy with other dogs so we have to work on his sharing skills. I lost valuable writing time, in between dabbing my loved one’s sweaty brow, trying to work out how I could encourage my big dog to share his beloved bone.

Then my tumble dryer packed up. My washing machine died a few weeks ago so all my white goods have to now follow its lead and die. All this family drama whilst my second draft cried out to be finished.

Trying to finish a project is not easy!

Here’s the latest from my fictional series based on the friendship highs and lows of my two pets; Harry the cat and Po the dog.

When Harry Met Po

The two friends were busy dreaming about their favourite moments in life.

Po was dreaming about his time as a mighty king.

A special time in his life where he ruled over a kingdom of large round hay bales…for a few days of dog walks.

I felt so powerful back then, thought Po.

Harry was dreaming about the time he became a beautiful fairytale princess. It had been a special moment in his feline life.

His cat fairy godmother had appeared in a puff of smoke, by the recycling bins, one night to find him feeling glum. A fancy cat ball was about to take place in the field opposite and Harry couldn’t go because he did not own a pretty outfit. His cat godmother waved her magic wand and told him he would go to the cat ball and he would look amazing.

My dream did come true and the next morning I was still wearing part of my outfit, thought Harry.

Cat brother Wellington was not dreaming. He was still recovering from last week’s close escape with the washing machine and his owner nearly putting him on an Eco wash spin.

He knew who was behind that incident. Those two (Harry and Po) had encouraged him to dive deep into the washing basket and find buried treasure. They knew it was laundry day, There was no buried treasure to be found amongst a load of human underpants. He felt silly for believing there was something magical in the dirty washing basket.

I will have my revenge, thought Cat Brother Wellington.

Is there any big news?

Well, I have decided to publish my romantic comedy, ‘Instructions For Falling in Love Again’ in the summer.

It is time for me to grab my life by the horns and do something amazing.

This story won’t leave me alone.

It is the story my non-writing friends always ask me about – FOUR years after they read the very first draft. On every girls night out they always ask me what’s happening with this story.

It needs to be released and I am delighted to announce that I am going to be working with some amazing people to get my first project off the ground; Esther Chilton, Emma Mitchell, and Sarah Hardy.

My book is a romantic and light-hearted story of Pippa and Mikey, who are brought together by Pippa’s late husband Dan and his set of instructions for falling in love again.

Keep reading this blog to find out how my book journey goes!

If any of you need help with how to fall in love again, please stay patient, my advice is coming.

For noting: my advice on how to fall in love again has been gleaned from:

  • Falling in love many times during my teenage years, spent in the well known romantic hotspot- Leeds.
  • Falling in love many times at university, whilst living in another popular romantic hotspot – Wolverhampton.
  • Falling in love with my beloved.
  • Years spent working in offices and listening to thousands of conversations about dating.

Have fun x

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Lucy Mitchell lives in South Wales with her husband, her two teenage daughters, a giant labrador and a gang of unruly cats. Lucy is the author of the award winning blog, BlondeWriteMore and was a Featured Romance Author on Wattpad. When she’s not working or writing, Lucy can be found listening to audiobooks in a muddy field with her dog or sat outside her local pub in the sunshine enjoying a glass of wine. Her debut novel Instructions Falling In Love Again is OUT now and already pulling in some fabulous reviews ❤️

13 thoughts on “My Writing Life Diary #Writer #BookNews #WriterBlog

  1. I’m so excited to read Instructions! It sounds fab and I love your writing. For what it’s worth, I loved Tim. As he was. Very Bridget Jones of me, but true.

  2. Am SO enjoying this weekly read! Loving Harry & Po’s story.
    Looking forward to hearing the next installment!xxxxxxx

    1. Your blog posts always crack me up. “Naughty children,” I totally get it! Our tumble dryer died, too; really, it did! Must be some kind of appliance conspiracy. You don’t think Harry and Po were in on it, do you? Surely not, not those two cuties. Best of luck on finishing that rewrite of the draft!

  3. I sympathise. I hate rewriting and would much rather go off and have fun with a fresh, new story. Best of luck with publishing your novel.

  4. Fun – and I totally sympathise re the man flu/mild cold, we have suffered a similar plague.

    And the book that won’t leave us alone. Such a spiritual attachment to a special story that will never leave home, and that is THE ONE that all other stories are measured by. So excited you are bringing to us soon! Write on.

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