Heaven Calling – Part 8 #Fiction #RomCom #WomensFiction

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Welcome to my weekly blog series – Heaven Calling

This is the final part in this series, so I hope you enjoy it.


Camilla’s enjoyment of heaven life came to an abrupt end after she discovered her husband Gerry was dating back on Earth. He’d spent two years grieving her but in Camilla’s eyes this was not long enough.

With her own team of angel assistants; Anna and Gabriel, some soothing harp music, the use of the weather and God’s help, Camilla is certain she can influence the outcome of Gerry’s dates and get him back to mourning her.

In Part 7 Camilla listened to her best friend Meg confessing strong feelings for Gerry, via the prayer hotline.

Heaven Calling – Part 8

Gabriel raises his eyebrows at Anna as he enters my heaven room. I am busy snivelling into a large glass of heaven’s answer to Pinot Grigio.

“Is she still upset about the prayer?” he whispers.

Anna shakes her head and gestures for Gabriel to lean in so I can’t hear what she’s saying.

“Meg’s been reading classic car magazines so she can impress Gerry. Camilla never did anything like this. She actively avoided the subject of his car passion.”

Gabriel flaps his wings. “Is that all Meg’s been doing?”

Anna rolls her eyes. “Meg’s been taking secret golf lessons so she won’t embarrass Gerry on the golf course. Camilla detested golf and would never have dreamed of joining her husband on a golf course.”

I drain my glass and lift my head to look at Anna and Gabriel. “Why does Meg feel the need to do all of this for Gerry? I would never go to extreme lengths to attract a man’s attention.”

Gabriel shifts his weight from foot to foot and gives me an awkward look. “Does getting in a lake with a man and performing a scene from the film Dirty Dancing not count then?”

I gasp and Anna gives Gabriel a stern look.

After regaining my composure I take a breath before saying, “I was stressed. Pete offered to help me.”

Anna nods and Gabriel scratches his mop of blonde curls. “Does drinking wine till all hours with Pete and requesting a white mini dress from the angel dress makers not count either?”

My cheeks grow hot and I look away, making a mental note to amend Gabriel’s angel assistant contract. He doesn’t have to be honest with me all of the time.

When Pete told me that he liked his women back on Earth to wear mini dresses I did find myself scurrying away to the angel dressmakers. Obviously I told myself a shorter dress length would do wonders for my self-confidence and had nothing to do with me craving Pete’s attention.

Anna places a warm hand on my arm. “I know this is hard for you Camilla. What are you going to do about Meg and her request for a sign from God?”

I refill my wine glass whilst Gabriel comes to sit next to me. “I think you should help Meg get together with Gerry.”

The thought of Meg being with Gerry is an uncomfortable one. How can my best friend even consider getting romantic with my husband?  I wonder whether Gerry is the reason why Meg stayed single for so many years and why she always encouraged me to be nice to him.

My mind then switches to Meg’s many good qualities. Her hearty casseroles are amazing, she adores the kids and obviously worships the ground Gerry walks on.

After a few mouthfuls of wine I come to the conclusion that Meg is more suited to Gerry, than some wild young woman from an internet dating site.

I let out a sigh. “Yes I will help Meg, although God’s taken my weather panel toy away from me.”

Anna gives me a small smile. “I think you should go ask him for it back.”

A day later I walk into my heaven room, clutching my old weather control panel. Anna and Gabriel look up from the cloud hole. “How did it go with God?” asks Anna.

“He gave me the use of every type of weather as I was doing something nice and he feels this will help me move on.”  Both Anna and Gabriel clap and give me warm smiles.

There’s a knock at the door and we all look round to see handsome Pete swaggering in. “Hello gorgeous!” he calls out, making his way towards us. A fluttering feeling consumes me as his twinkling green eyes lock onto mine.

After planting a wet kiss on my cheeks Pete asks, “so what trouble are we causing today?’

“We are trying to get Meg and Gerry together.” Anna announces.

Pete raises an eyebrow. “Is this true Camilla?”

I nod. “Even though I am not entirely happy with this situation, she will look after Gerry and be an amazing step mother to my kids.”

Pete slips his arm around my waist. “Good idea. Once they are together, will you go on a proper date with me?”

Anna lets out a groan and Gabriel places his head in his hands.

“Ok, we need to get to work!” I say, giving Pete a wink. “Are Gerry and Meg likely to be in the same vicinity soon?’

Gabriel nods. “They are both going to a barbecue this afternoon. His friend Steve knows Meg from school and he knows Gerry from golf.”

We all settle around the cloud hole and I clutch my weather control panel. Pete reaches over, grabs a bottle of Pinot Grigio and two glasses.

“Do you think wine is a good idea when we have important stuff to do?” asks Anna, glaring at Pete and then at me.

Pete and I both shrug our shoulders. He pours us both a glass.

By the time the barbecue down below is in full swing I am feeling a little tipsy. The heaven room has started to sway and I can no longer read the labels on the weather control panel.

Gabriel provides us all with a running commentary. “Gerry hasn’t noticed Meg standing alone by the tree. We really need him to catch sight of her in that pretty dress she bought in town the other day.”

Anna turns to me. “Can you help Camilla?”

I give her a wink. “Hang on, let me sort this out!”

Whilst wearing, what I like to call Pinot Grigio goggles, I push the lever I think reads ‘a little sunshine’.

Anna and Gabriel scream in unison. “NO CAMILLA!”

I rub my eyes and stare in horror down below. Meg is stood looking like a drowned rat. Her long brown hair is plastered to her face and her blue polka dot dress is sodden. I gulp.

“You pressed ‘a little shower‘ gorgeous!” chuckles Pete. My cheeks heat up and I apologise to poor Meg in my head.

Gabriel anxiously flaps his wings. “Well Gerry has noticed her now. He’s rushing over to her. It was so well targeted she was the only one underneath the little rain shower.”

I try to make things better for Meg. Quickly I push the lever which I think reads ‘heat’.

Anna and Gabriel let out another scream. “NO!”

My mouth falls open as I see Meg and Gerry getting pelted with hail. They start to shriek and run to take cover under the tree.

Gabriel casts me a worried look. “This was her big chance Camilla and you might have ruined it. Her mascara has run down her cheeks and there is a clump of hair stuck to her forehead.”

‘What can I do?” I cry out, feeling a wave of guilt crash over me.

Anna points through the clouds at Gerry and Meg under the tree. Meg’s talking to him and he looks transfixed with her.

We can hear her telling Gerry how much she cares for him. I put my hands to my ears. I can’t listen.

Pete gives me a nudge. “Meg thinks you are behind the rain shower and hail stones. She’s worried you will strike her down with lightning bolts.”

Anna also gives me a nudge. “Gerry has just confessed he has feelings for Meg too but he’s said he’s not worried about you striking him down. He believes if you had been in charge of the weather he would have been struck down a long time ago after his dating antics.”

I try to grab the control panel and push the lever which reads ‘lightning bolt’. Pete snatches it out of my hand. “Camilla – be nice to Gerry!”

Gabriel lets out a gasp. “Meg has told Gerry she needs a sign before she lets him kiss her!”

I quickly refill my glass. “I could always hit Gerry with a lightning bolt. Now that would be a sign!”

Anna places a warm hand on my arm. “Think Camilla. What can we do?”

Pete pipes up. “When we were acting out our Dirty Dancing scene in the lake, I looked up and saw a lovely rainbow in the sky.”

Gabriel scratches his head. “You were able to lift up Camilla and notice a rainbow at the same time?”

I give Gabriel a swipe. “Oi – calories and weight don’t count in heaven!”

Anna squeals. “A rainbow is an excellent idea.”

She takes the weather control panel from Pete and pushes the lever marked ‘rainbow.’

We all sit and watch Gerry point out a glorious rainbow in the sky.

Gerry and Meg decide to leave the barbecue early. Our job is done. They plan to meet at Meg’s house and talk about their feelings. Meg rushes off to her car and Gerry makes his way across the grass to his car.

Anna and Gabriel rise from the cloud hole and go off to do some pressing angel duties whilst Pete staggers towards the sofa, clutching his wine glass.

Whilst no one is looking I grab the control panel.

Watching Gerry take part in my new game called ‘Dodge the Lightning Bolt!’ is one of the most satisfying things I have done in a long time.

Lucky for Gerry, all the lightning bolts missed. Must be the wine!

Weirdly, I feel like I can move on now.

The End

I hope you enjoyed Heaven Calling!

Next week my new fictional series will be launching! I am so excited. 

*Squeal* followed by a *StarJump* 

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  1. This series was amazing!! I always looked forward to it and the ending was really good. Cant wait for another series 😆

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