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I have experienced many challenging writer situations in my time; getting so emotional whilst writing the death of a character that I could no longer see the laptop screen, failing to control my obsession with clichés, struggling to keep a lid on a fictional character crush and fighting a powerful urge to dance in the aisle of my local supermarket, after receiving a positive comment on Wattpad.

There is, however, one writer situation which has the potential to ruin a romantic weekend away with a loved one, put a dampener on a relative’s birthday party and mess up your house tidying plans. When a book idea is desperately trying to come out of your brain, urging you to write it and crying out to you in the small hours, all hell can break loose. 

You can try to ignore it all you want, feed yourself silly excuses and go about your business, but books grow inside of you. They will find a way to come out. Trust me on this.

True writers will know the feeling of a book coming to boil inside of you. After hours, days, weeks, months or years (the time period can vary between writers) of stewing the book inside your brain, there will come a day when the pressure will get too much.

It won’t matter where you are or what you are doing either, this creative being inside you needs to come out! 

You might also have experienced the situation where you are half way through writing your novel and for whatever reason you decide to stop working on it. Whilst you are busy doing something else, characters from your book will start waking you, to remind you, there is still more to come out. Yes, like something out a horror movie!

Sometimes the book inside of you will break free with such force, you will end up locking yourself away and pouring it out onto paper or a laptop screen. Like I said at the start of this post, this powerful event will make you cancel stuff, force you to rearrange your life and leave you feeling like a shadow of your former self. 

So, how can you avoid such pain and suffering?

Are there some signs to watch out for, so you can prepare yourself for this creative outpouring?

The answer is YES.

Check out the signs below and if you are ticking a couple, clear your social calendar and stockpile food tins, toilet roll, headache tablets, coffee machine pods and sugary drinks. 

Here are 10 signs your book is ready to come out of you:

  1. You are unable to sit still. If you are suffering from, what we in the trade call, literary fidget bottom, there is a book inside of you, waiting to be written.
  2. You are struggling to concentrate.
  3. You are being woken up by characters at night. Stop rolling over and asking your unconscious sleepy loved one whether you need to see a therapist about the voices in your head. Your book is ready to come out.
  4. You are saying some strange stuff in day to day conversations.
  5. You keep looking at the calendar a lot to see whether there will be a free 12 week stretch, where you can sit down and write your book.
  6. You are spotted scribbling notes in a pretty notebook which has sat on the shelf, gathering dust for months. I can’t stress enough how close you are to giving birth to your book.
  7. Your mind is frantically stitching plot threads together whilst you are cooking, cleaning the loo or scrubbing the bath.
  8. You look a bit pale.
  9. People are commenting on your intense stares.
  10. You don’t feel like reading anything and have decided to have a little break from your Goodreads challenge.

Don’t ignore these signs, writer.

Don’t brush them off with silly stuff like “it won’t be very good” or “no one will read it!” 

Your book is getting ready to come out of you whether you like it or not!

It’s time to write! 

Stay calm out there writers.


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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

17 thoughts on “10 Signs Your Book Is Ready To Come Out Of You #MondayBlogs #ASMSG #Writing

  1. I keep doing (4) and checking (5). My problem is that the book I WANT to write is different from the book that I AM writing, but the book I’m writing has a contract attached to it and the one I want to write doesn’t…*

    *Actually, I want to write the book i am writing too, but somehow the one I don’t have a contract for, or time to write, is calling…

  2. Yes! Yes! I’m at the push stage…. It’s been simmering for so long! My book’s gestation period has made that of an elephant pale in comparison!
    But my literary fidgety bottom is no longer fidgeting. It’s sat with me, pouring words out!!!!

  3. I am a sweet, unassuming woman who nearly took my sister’s head off lately for trying to take up too much of my writing time. I get totally b*tchy if I can’t clear time to write regularly every week–and not just my blogging, but my latest novel project (still in planning stage.) Great list. I hear ya loud and clear across the pond! 🙂

    I think I need a “Beware of Writer” sign when I’m overbooked.

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