#BlogBattle Fiction Entry: The Romantic Camping Holiday #Comedy #FlashFiction


I have decided to enter the August 2018 Blog Battle. If you are not familiar with this great contest, please check out the link.

The word for this month is MOON. 

Here’s my entry:

The Romantic Camping Holiday. 

Sun and moon were having their usual early morning chat. Moon couldn’t stop yawning.

“Fancy some fun?” Sun grinned at Moon and directed several golden rays of sunlight towards a field below.

A weary Moon groaned and followed Sun’s rays. They were pointing at a middle-aged couple taking out camping equipment from a car. Beside them was a small crowd of arguing children.

“Can’t I just go to bed, Sun?”

Sun shook his golden rays. “Nope. Those two, down there, met on an online dating site a few months ago. After taking things slowly, a weekly cinema visit and a cuddle on his sofa afterwards, she suggested he join her on a week’s camping holiday, with her four kids.”

Moon looked shocked. “Blimey, she’s moved their relationship up a couple of levels. That is some leap; weekly cinema trip plus a quick cuddle to a week-long camping holiday with her children. Does he have kids?”

Sun chuckled. “He has a pet rat called Gordon and he’s been single for a long time.”

Moon listened to the woman, pleading with her eldest son to stop hitting his little brother.

Sun shimmered. “Come on, lets cause romantic chaos. Storm said he was up for a bit of fun too.”

Moon groaned. “Please don’t invite Storm, he always goes too far with games.”

A grin spread across Sun’s golden face. “Storm says our game of pushing couples to their romantic limits is the best. Let me text him.”

An hour later. Both Storm and Sun were in hysterics watching the man and woman below, struggle to put up their tent in a violent gale. To add to their misery shouts and screams were coming from the man’s brand new car. In a moment of madness he had told the children to wait inside it.

“Can we stop this now?” Moon was tired and wanted his bed.

Sensing his friend’s agitation Sun told Storm there were some people enjoying themselves on the beach further along. Their weather phone app had predicted brilliant sunshine all day. Sun and Moon watched Storm hurry away in the direction of the coast.

Sun turned to Moon. “Now that the gale has stopped, she’s sending the kids off to buy some tasty snacks. Give them all a chance to calm down.”

Moon watched the kids troop off. “What are they buying?”

“He’s asked for a bag of scampi fries.”

Moon scratched his shiny silver head at the man’s food order as Sun thought of more ways to cause mischief. “I could bring on a heat wave. A red-hot sun on a stressful family camping holiday.”

Letting out a whimper, Moon said, “I am bored of this game. Leave them alone, they have suffered enough. Anyway, you have already won as he’s not speaking to her over the things she screamed about his tent building skills during the gale.”

His large yellow friend gazed at the stony faced couple. “He needs to stop being so sensitive. I have to agree with her, his tent building skills were rubbish.”

Moon continued. “Why don’t we try a new game and see who can rekindle their fledgling romance?”

Sun cast him a puzzled look. “What – no chaos?”

Moon beamed. “We create romance instead.”

Sun chuckled. “Easy. I will win.”

Moon rolled his eyes. “You will struggle my friend. This arguing couple will not be able to keep their hands off each other after my romantic moonlit night. Trust me, it can solve all relationship issues.”

“Your plan won’t work,” snorted Sun.

As the day transitioned into early evening, Sun wished he had never agreed to this game. It was easy to cause chaos amongst couples, but to spark chemistry was difficult.

He had bathed the field in golden summer rays all afternoon, but to his dismay the couple had done nothing but argue. The man had whined a lot to his new girlfriend about how he missed Gordon, the rat, and at one point the woman had shouted, ‘its me or that bloody rat!’

Things were not helped by her children who had decided to climb trees and fling themselves off random branches to see who got out of the dull camping holiday first by going to hospital.

When Moon came out, he could sense his competitive friend was agitated. “I see they are not feeling romantic down there.” The couple were stood at opposite ends of the field.

“They are a lost cause,” stated Sun. “This camping holiday has thrown up a lot of unexpected issues; she can’t control her feral kids, he’s missing his single life, she can’t forget about what happened with the tent, he’s longing for Gordon and….”

Moon interrupted his golden friend. “Step aside, let a professional sort this situation out.”

Sun rolled his eyes. “You won’t win.”

After a quick text Moon was joined by the twinkle star sisters who giggled at the prospect of romance.

“Let’s create that loving feeling!” cried Moon, feeling his silver chest swell.

The couple looked up into the star-studded sky and smiled at the gorgeous moon. Slowly they walked towards each other, with dreamy expressions.

As they got closer Moon squealed. This was turning out to be a good game.

The man took out a bag of food from his pocket, stuffed a handful of it into his mouth and offered the woman some. She politely declined. Whilst enjoying his tasty snack the man felt a hot flush of romance and went in for a lingering kiss. The woman made a disgusted face and ran away, screaming.

Sun shrieked with laughter. “I was also going to add these two are a lost cause because of his love of Scampi Fries and her hatred of fishy breath. A romantic moonlit evening can not solve that serious relationship issue.”

Have a great day all!

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Lucy Mitchell lives in South Wales with her husband, her two teenage daughters, a giant labrador and a gang of unruly cats. Lucy is the author of the award winning blog, BlondeWriteMore and was a Featured Romance Author on Wattpad. When she’s not working or writing, Lucy can be found listening to audiobooks in a muddy field with her dog or sat outside her local pub in the sunshine enjoying a glass of wine. Her debut novel Instructions Falling In Love Again is OUT now and already pulling in some fabulous reviews ❤️

22 thoughts on “#BlogBattle Fiction Entry: The Romantic Camping Holiday #Comedy #FlashFiction

  1. Lol, this reminded me of a whimsical ramble years ago when God was washing up and dropped too much sunlight down the drain creating a desert.

    Always a pleasure to read your comedic writing Lucy. And brilliant to see you in the B.B. I really must write something too. #stopmooningabout. Super take on it too. At one point I was convinced you might have had Roxy in that tent!!!

    Keep it up and how’s the publishing going?

      1. My pleasure Lucy. Been a while since I’ve visited so figured this was a perfect time! Self publishing seems to be my way of thinking too at present. Let me know and I’m in on the blog tour and spotlight! 😊

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